Trunk Muzik Returns Promo Photo Yelawolf - “Trunk Muzik Returns”

“This should get a 5/5 just for the unique vibe and sound that Yelawolf and WillPower have created... It's in a lane of its own = Southern Space Rap! As a rapper/ producer duo, you really get the feeling that they've come together on this to push the boundaries. This is what makes them stand out as musicians and not just another cookie cutter rap act. My only reservation is that, I can't help but feel that the upbeat bangers which I love Yelawolf for (as seen on Trunk Muzik 0-60) are missing this time around. But, that's just an after thought. At the end of the day, as a stand alone piece of art, this is incredible! ”

ProgHC's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 15, 2013

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