Old Promo Photo Danny Brown - “Old”

“I bought Old after becoming a fan of Ab-Soul, specifically Terrorist Threats. To me, Old's success is driven by Danny's autobiographical writing and his beat choices. Side A feels like a stark reminder of the realities of growing up and living in Detroit (Wonderbread, 25 Bucks, Torture.) Danny really excels at storytelling and painting vivid scenes from his life here as he does in Terrorist Threats from Ab-Soul's Control System. Side B feels more like a record of how Danny reacts to such a rough experience. The beats become more electronic and aggressive, the lyrics simplify and become more repetitive. The songs chronicle a drug fueled frenzy of sex and parties that hypnotizes you and draws you in (handstand, Side B.) Old ends on a more pacified and introspective note with Kush Coma and Float On, wrapping the album up nicely. Personal Favorites of mine are Float On, Wonderbread and 25 Bucks. The production is superb on all tracks, making it a great album to turn up loud.”

YouzACoopa's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 16, 2014

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