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My Name Is My Name Promo Photo Pusha T - “My Name Is My Name”

“Experimental intstrumentals and banger beats, Pusha T delievers as always, hungrier than ever. Been a regularly play for me, a if not the top release of this years (weak) mainstream rap scene. Though this year it's genre was more experimental and exotic with it's sound than before, the main thing that others lacked were lyrics. Artist such as Kanye West, Drake and even Jay-Z at some point, the production they was backed with almost even outshined them, so I'm glad to see that Pusha's pen game was up to par and delieverd delightful, ear grabbing lines. Thanks Push, thanks also for tracks like "King Push", "Numbers On The Boards" and "Nosetalgia" which I do rank as one of the best songs to be released in 2013!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 11, 2013
Better Off Dead Promo Photo Flatbush ZOMBiES - “Better Off Dead”

“They have improved production wise and lyrically a lot, mos def a top five mixtape/free album and a top ten rap release. A few spins more and I could see it beat out the most. Great, great work. Entertained all the way through this 19 tracks long tape!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Run The Jewels Promo Photo Run The Jewels - “Run The Jewels”

“Album of the year material. Nuff said actually when they've earlier proven their great projects together, as seen on last years "R.A.P. Music". I love this, more, give us more of this. A duo that actually stands-out and fight each other with hungry verses, something the mainstream scene is missing out. An album like "Watch The Throne" just ended up boring at the end of the day, with too much "I'm giving you this, look I'm at the top just bragging about the dough I've got, *non competitive* with this poppy ass hook" and less "I'm going out with this raw verses, I'm the best, try and get me". See and learn, Killer Mike and El-P got this, their chemistry between each other is better than the most, that is what matter at the end. "Run The Jewels" is a fantastic record!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Trap Lord Promo Photo A$AP Ferg - “Trap Lord”

“This year's TRAP LORD! This whole project was filled with great beats, catchy hooks and hilarious lines. To be honest, Ferg is a bit better at freestyles, but this was not something meant to be read that deep on lyrically. The mc is just having a good time behind the mic, and his flow is what I find entertaining and interesting about him. Actually he's strongest point, he's flow is great. An energetic debut from Ferg. Trap music really ain't my cup of tea, but Ferg is pushing the limits with it.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 17, 2013
The Electric Lady Promo Photo Janelle Monáe - “The Electric Lady”

“Never has Monáe made an album coming this close to her R&B, funk and soul influences, and still the writing is top notch here on her ongoing Metropolis series. It's more up tempo and straightforward than her masterpiece "The ArchAndroid". Totally fine with me when she executes it great and having me enjoying it a bit more actually. Sonically and vocally it's fantastic, the feature's are memorable too with guests like the heavyweight legend Prince. What an experience I had with "The Electric Lady". She also embraces sounds from different genres like Hip Hop and Rock, an epic journey too her world. With Janelle's music, she is definitely the bright of our future. I recommend this heavily, a favorite from this year. Once again, everything Monáe touches she can never do no wrong. She is in the top of her game right now, she might be my current queen of R&B. To end this short little thing of mine, I'm loving the hell out of it.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 15, 2013
Kiss Land Promo Photo The Weeknd - “Kiss Land”

“It seems like critics really want to put out reviews as fast as they can, it's like a rally. Let it grow on you, take you're time it's just been a day since it offically have released. A record you really need to sit down with to really appreciate as a whole. Small details here and there in the production did alot for my listening experience too, not big just some tiny instruments. Sonically it's rich and cinematic, I mean it all ends with track 10 "Tears In The Rain" (a one of the many references to the 80's movie Blade Runner) so you kinda get where he's trying to get with his sound for his big major label debut album. Like Janelle Monáe's new release, both are heavily influenced by SCI FI, the SCI FI heads of R&B. Monáe with Metropolis, The Weeknd with Blade Runner. And like his Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford influences it all begins with "Professional" a dreamy, catchy and heart broken set, both sonically and lyrically, the vocals are well executed and a great first play into the album. Quietly from the first piece of the album we're in this atmospheric world created and signed by Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), it all stays in the lane of the first track until the boombastic and synth heavy pop song "Belong To The World". A good song with some clever lines, tough it's a preference of what you find as 'good' when he sings "I'm not a fool / I just love that you're dead inside / I'm not a fool / I'm just lifeless too". My opinion, it's one of the most original and strangest hooks I've heard in years, laughable or lovable, I personally like it.. a lot. Right after the centerpiece we have the little hip hop anthem "Live For" with a feature from fellow Canadian, their very own, Drake. Well, let's put it like this, when it came to Drake on this record he really sounded to bring big, HUGE, inspirations from J. Cole's "N***as Know" that was included earlier this year on his sophmore "Born Sinner". Similiar rhymes, lines.. and topic at certain points, and even flow wise. But hey, the verse was not bad, just a bit suspicious about it that's all. Sounded like a re write of Cole's with just some lines off the board, not a better verse though either. The track was quite fitting to what it all built up too and it's a more up tempo track than most of it. Overall it's a fun song. Wanderlust, a song which could have made it to a Michael Jackson singel in the 80's, a great track and one of the best songs on the album, loving it. The fun parts are over, now with the titel track "Kiss Land" and tracks there after it's all pain, depression, misogyny, he's voice starts cracking up. I guess, John Carpenter and those great horror directors did this kid a favor, cause at the end, The Weeknd has released a excellent debut album. Don't miss out my favorite one of the album, "Adaptation", it reminded me of "The Prince of Egypt" while track #2 "The Town" had some vibes of the 90's cartoon/animé televsion "Sailor Moon". Probably gonna get mixed opinions from both critics and listeners in this day in age where living in now, give it some time and I think it's gonna lead a new wave of artist's with it's sound and topics. See "Kiss Land" as one of Marvin Gaye's most influential records "Here My Dear" which didn't get the same acclaim as his previous releases, but look at what it did to quiet storm and contemporary R&B as a genre, The Weeknd can be doing the same thing for PBR&B or whatever we gonna call this. Literally have been playing it from start to end about 20 times, more or less, and I've gotta say, "Kiss Land" is The Weeknd's most ambitious and interesting work yet. The top album of it's genre with Monáe and James Blake for sure, they will definitely be fighting for my album of the year. ”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 10, 2013
Hall of Fame Promo Photo Big Sean - “Hall of Fame”

“I really enjoyed this one. With the "Detroit" mixtape and "Hall of Fame" I hold them as his best and also as a new bright start for the kid. Big Sean has improved, it's heard here. Lyrically got the skill up and as an artist he's gotten better. The beat selection's are crazy, top notch production and as most rapper's lacks in he dosen't choose unneccesary guest features. Rapper's such as Nas, Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj did bring some extra fire, and the coice of singer's did bring some fine hooks and catchy meleodies. He sounds more thrilled with his sophmore, he shows all more emotion with the writing and also playing off with his more comedic side. Big Sean got lines, I will be having this on replay, my interest in this dude got so much bigger thanks to this. He got some tracks I'm really loving ("Fire", "First Chain", "World Ablaze" and the wonderful one "Ashley"), songs like "MILF" and "10 2 10" actually worked for me too. He didn't disappoint me with this, I went in with my expectations low and he really took it with honor and proud. "Hall of Fame" is for sure a better one than many mainstream album's that released over the summer. As a lyricist and especially as a songwriter, Big Sean has gotten more hungrier and focused. This hasn't been giving too much plays, but we'll see were this stands in some months. A top release within the mainstram scene. Go and cop it if you like it, give it a try, could be some you like. Support hip hop!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 31, 2013
Watching Movies With The Sound Off Promo Photo Mac Miller - “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”

“Mac seems to be the hated one on djbooth. Jokes aside, really I don't understand the negative responses here. Wasn't really feeling his tapes before this, but he really impressed me. The production is great and some of the better works I've heard this year. The album flows on good, lyrically Miller has gotten much better since Blu Side till this one, the kid produces some stuff and he's doing it really tight, he's production is on par with other tracks from some of the 'bigger producers' beats. The complains against this albums are pathetic *laughs*, Miller has released several mixtapes/albums which I haven't been that intrested on to be honest and nothing I've got back to often either. After Blu Side, he slipped away a bit, the Mac I kinda liked fell all more for each song/tape. But with Watching Movies With The Sound Off he have proved me wrong, not so much "Easy Mac with the Cheesy raps" anymore.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 24, 2013
Doris Promo Photo Earl Sweatshirt - “Doris”

“Don't agree with the review at all. Earl has grown and "Doris" is not all about that more graphical lyrics he used to roll with as earlier seen on "Earl". He's more mature, more versatile though he's sound stays on a lane/mood where it flows on tight and sounds more focused. One of the best release's this year and one of the better debut albums in hip hop! This kid's wordplay and lyrics are sick, a fresh project from the nineteen year old that already has surpassed the most in the rap game. The production is fitting to what Earl is bringing to the table, something I could see DOOM rap on. It's a more cohesive album along with some great features, an album with some of the best lines I've heard in a while. Clever rhyme's all over this. His abilities as a rapper and producer is really impressing, as a rapper he's in the top. Give this dude some years and we'll see him lead a new wave of rappers. Incredible, an odd future favorite with last years "channel ORANGE" and Taylor's debut mixtape "Bastard". Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most complex rapper out!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 21, 2013
Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever Promo Photo Logic - “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever”

“I'm so proud of where Logic has come, I have no words of how happy I'am for this guy. Welcome To Forever is a great introduction as a def jam artist. I mean, his passion for hip hop and just music is pretty much seen all over this. Why I adore this artist so much as I do is because his content, it's some I relate to. Not only talk about women and fame, but family, his struggles up. Just life overall. I wish all best luck to Logic. Thank you for the good stuff. Ps. Donno why I wrote this late as I did, but, better late than never!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 12, 2013
Something Else Promo Photo Tech N9ne - “Something Else”

“Refreshing sound, top notch rap, one of the year's best releases. Great, great album. Usually with an album of 21 tracks it can get a little boring, with this it never really happened. Tech nailed it, I enjoyed it all the way through, no skippable tracks for me. Loved it, Tech N9ne and R.A. The Rugged Man has been on some shit with their new ones, always a good one when oldies drop the best ones. You like lyrics? Then try this one, cause I'm sure you'll find some you like. Can even see rock fans like this one, theirs a piece for everyone. Versatility is great with an album this long, all love to this one. Support artist's that's giving it all and not just bs'n, cop Tech N9ne's Something Else. In my opinion a better album than Hov's and Ye's, lyrically he's a step above.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 06, 2013
Born Sinner Promo Photo J. Cole - “Born Sinner”

“J. Cole is probably the most slept on artist in todays hip hop and also one of the best of them. We knew that the critics would praise Ye's release and yes I'm a huge fan of his but Cole had the better work. Appreciate it, he'll keep hip hop exciting with albums at least as good as this. One of the leaders of our generations fo sure!”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 20, 2013
PRAY Promo Photo Gilbere Forte' - “PRAY”

“Really what's going on? Why haven't this dude got the recognition he deserve. Glad that I found out about the song PRAY around December-January so I could hype it up a little. Different sound. Great production by RAAK. Nicely done by Forte as well. Loved it from start to finish. One of the best project's released this year so far.”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on May 21, 2013
King Remembered In Time Promo Photo Big K.R.I.T. - “King Remembered In Time”

Nasser Naz AB W's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 11, 2013

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