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Listen to Roger Promo Photo Roger Will - “Listen to Roger”

“As an overall album, I've got to give Listen to Roger four stars. I couldn't give him three stars because I really dig his sound.The first few songs didn't have enough pull in my opinion to get new listeners to peep the rest of the album, which is a shame, because he really hit his stride with track 4: I WISH and kept it up for a few jams. The overall themes seem to be motivation and ambition, kinda cliche, but well done nonetheless. I mos def got Roger on the radar and hope to see him evolve as an artist. His flow is dope and his beat choices are on point, but the content and overall message lacks impact. He's got the tools though.”

Steven Del Rosario's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 30, 2013

“As an overall album, this is five star worthy. There's a few jams in there that I personally didn't jive with too much, but the majority of jams in here are most definitely some of the best new hip hop I've heard in recent times. As a fan of Kids These Days, I'm diggin' the fact that Vic's still doing work. His wordplay is top notch and the beats he chooses really compliment his style. Don't sleep on this one.”

Steven Del Rosario's Rating:                   Posted on Sep 30, 2013

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