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For Professional Use Only Promo Photo araabMUZIK - “For Professional Use Only”

“Awesome beats. Hammer dance bites a Korn track tho”

Joshua Stebell's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 17, 2013
Trunk Muzik Returns Promo Photo Yelawolf - “Trunk Muzik Returns”

“Been following Yela for a while now and "wow" how he's evolved. Michael goes hard for A again. If you don't know much bout Yela don't judge completely based off this tape. He has a versatile voice. After listening to these tracks take the time to pull up his earlier compositions and compare and contrast where he was to now. The overly simple choruses on a few of the tracks let me down. The beats are hot and the verses speak for themselves. 4 Stars. Hope 'Love Story' can impress.”

Joshua Stebell's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 15, 2013

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