PRAY Promo Photo Gilbere Forte' - “PRAY”

“solid project from top to bottom. listening 5th time, haven't skipped a single track. maestro RAAK handles the production part like a baauusss”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on May 16, 2013
The Plug EP Promo Photo The League of Extraordinary Gz - “The Plug EP”

“Shane Ali never delivers a weak product ”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 19, 2012
Fly Away (Re-Produced) EP Promo Photo Talib Kweli - “Fly Away (Re-Produced) EP”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 19, 2012
Let 'Em Have It EP Promo Photo Jon Arrington - “Let 'Em Have It EP”

“solid from A to Z. "Let Them Have It" is on replay, that beat is so smooth”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 18, 2012
The Book of Ali Promo Photo Ali Vegas - “The Book of Ali”

“kid's hungry. thoughtful wordplay backed by untouchable production of uncle Sha. definitely worth the download”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 05, 2012
Chill Cosby Promo Photo NIKO IS - “Chill Cosby”

“roll one, put on your Sol Republics on, NIKO is my playlist, hit play. Perfect afternoon chill music. Good work on this one Niko, keep it up, i am hooooked.”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 04, 2012
The First Agreement EP Promo Photo Dizzy Wright - “The First Agreement EP”

“daaamn, production on this one is cray. the most underrated artist. RUBISH MCs like waka floka and tyga with their mumbling flow, pop up, and guys like Dizzy Wright are still unsigned. whats happening to the music industry??”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 04, 2012
Read Between the Lines Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Read Between the Lines”

“this is by faar in Top 5 best albums of the year. I can't believe it is freee. Dumb rappers these dayz, need schooling from K. Sparks. can't point out any tracks as favourites, they are all solid.”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 04, 2012
Pyramids in Stereo Promo Photo Jason James - “Pyramids in Stereo”

“3.Marathon Man 4.This is my Rifle 6.The Talented are the stand outs for me. overall very smart and thoughtful project with clean production”

LaPhrase's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 30, 2012

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