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Breathe Here Promo Photo A.J. Crew - “Breathe Here”

“definitely not reading, it always sounds like A.J. is ready before he lays his shit down. There actually couldn't be more emotion, especially on this track. Just cuz u can't relate doesn't mean u have to hate. ”

Carlos Figueroa's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2013
Don't Ask Me (Crafty) Promo Photo A.J. Crew - “Don't Ask Me (Crafty)”

“This track goes hard! Its hard to find lyrics like this on these type of beats, which is just as original. It doesn't sound like anything else, it just bangs as hard. His influences definitely show but there's nothing wrong with that, this is just good hip hop. Can't wait to listen to the album as a whole.”

Carlos Figueroa's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2013
Finally, Autumn Promo Photo A.J. Crew - “Finally, Autumn”

Carlos Figueroa's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 06, 2012

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