Brian Williams's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

All We Know Promo Photo Rittz - “All We Know”

“Flowin' like the Mississippi river. Rittz never disappoints.”

Brian Williams's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 07, 2012
Cashin’ Out (Speedmix) Promo Photo Rittz - “Cashin’ Out (Speedmix)”

“I love this shit. It's much better than the original. The original is the epitome of "swag rap" and, just like other lamestream shit, the original relies too much on a catchy hook and not enough on actual lyricism. That swaggot shit is gonna be the death of REAL rap. Kudos to Rittz for actually SAYING something, instead of just being a repetitive swaggot.”

Brian Williams's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 07, 2012

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