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Wishful Drinking Promo Photo Kidz In The Hall - “Wishful Drinking”

“I enjoyed this. I like my rap music to have a little deeper content, but I heard some good party jams on here. Nothing wrong with making some good times kinda music. Naledge had a tight flow, the production was up my alley, and overall they had a sound I'd want to listen to again.”

Monikker's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 03, 2013
Trunk Muzik Returns Promo Photo Yelawolf - “Trunk Muzik Returns”

“This is the first full record I've heard from Yela...really impressed by his ability to keep a rough, urgent sound in his quick flows. He's got this vibe that just calls for me to listen. I thought some of the themes and concepts in the songs were creative and definitely different from what a lot of rappers regularly talk about. Some of the beats are fire and mixed with his fire flow...mayne that's some good ish.”

Monikker's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 20, 2013
MUSIUM Promo Photo Smokey Robotic - “MUSIUM”

“This group has an interesting sound...I'm addicted to "Schizophrenic DJ!"”

Monikker's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 20, 2013
Good Nights & Bad Mornings Promo Photo Snow Tha Product - “Good Nights & Bad Mornings”

“This is really solid. Good flow, good beats...I've been listening to this for weeks.”

Monikker's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 07, 2013
Proper Etiquette Promo Photo DJ Charlie White - “Proper Etiquette”

“Dope. "So Simple" is my favorite. Lots of soul and other influences in there. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more from Charlie White!”

Monikker's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 07, 2013

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