Darker Shades Promo Photo ¬°MAYDAY! - “Darker Shades”

“The guitar backtrack really allows the lyrics to standout, the track doesn't over complicate itself with unnecessary samples, and further combinations of audio (but still sounds polished enough in support), it allows mayday to simply pour their effort into the lyrical content. Dope Music.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 04, 2012
Swimming Pools (Drank) Promo Photo Kendrick Lamar - “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

“Loving the distinctly classic Kendrick feel the track has, his flow is undeniable. One of the best out there right now. The chorus wears on you a little but the content in the track more then makes up for the hook. As someone else stated this is a topic alot of rappers touch on, just not in this manner. Top marks. Dope track.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 04, 2012
Time Bomb Promo Photo Eddy B & Tim Gunter - “Time Bomb”

“Absolutly loved Tomorrow, and this is no exception. Definately has a little mainstream appeal, dont know that it'd be overly successful here in Australia but thats only to be expected from our radio. Keeping an eye on these two heading forward.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 25, 2012
Go Get It Promo Photo T.I. - “Go Get It”

“King is making his way back to the style that made him a household name in hiphop, with tracks like this reminiscent of, without replicating "What You Know", this is TIPs strength. The hook fits the style of the track and TIP rides this beat effortlessly.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 22, 2012
Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 Promo Photo Hopsin - “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5”

“Firstly don't hate on Z and Blaze because their opinion is different to yours, I understand the direction they might be coming from, and even tho the track feels clunky (the timing of his delivery and the track are only slightly off but its enough to notice) at times i believe the message delivered is what builds this track, as for the beat i do love the eerie feeling it leaves. Hopsin has been a favorite of mine for a while now i loved RAW because it felt different, tho i didn't like Knock Madness (the single). This was a standout track for me.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 22, 2012
Keep It Moving Promo Photo Jeremih - “Keep It Moving”

“Definitely "Silky" is the best description for this track, the beat feels like it belongs in a smooth music bar, the guitar line is the standout and takes you back in time from the first listen. I am rife with anticipation for his Late Nights mixtape.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 08, 2012
Dive In Promo Photo Trey Songz - “Dive In”

“When you think Trey Songz, this is exactly the type of music id expect to hear. Has that 90's R&B feel to it, cant help but have this remind me of R.Kelly.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 06, 2012
K.I.S Promo Photo Prote-J - “K.I.S”

“Enjoyed this track, relatively fresh sound. Doesnt feel forced, and must admit didnt notice the chorus fading from left to right output till the end of the track once i noticed this i also realised my head was moving subconciously in the same direction. Interesting.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 06, 2012
I Love Girls Promo Photo Pleasure P - “I Love Girls”

“The piano in this track really sets the scene, smooth, easy listening, everything else just rolls from there. Could be a decent radio track.”

Dru Bates's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 05, 2012

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