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thesis Promo Photo King avriel - “thesis”

“This is a great collection of songs! Thanks booth for introducing this to me! Although its cool and calm, it gets my head nodding! ”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 07, 2014
The God Complex Promo Photo GoldLink - “The God Complex”

“This is a slept on, collection of Gems!!”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on May 30, 2014
Sound Of The Weapon (Instrumentals) Promo Photo Verbal Kent - “Sound Of The Weapon (Instrumentals)”

“NC Stand UPPP!!! Soul and Slap!! Keep up the great work Khrysis”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 25, 2014
Long Live the King Promo Photo King Mez - “Long Live the King”

“Great music!! I've been waiting for this Album to drop for quite sometime and know I will have it on repeat. King Mez as assured us that Hip Hop is well alive!!”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 10, 2014
ATLA Promo Photo Stat Quo - “ATLA”

“Damn I've been waiting on Stat for a minute and i'm definitely enjoying the sound!”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Feb 27, 2014
The Great American Mattress Sale Promo Photo Big Sant - “The Great American Mattress Sale”

“Love it! Dope work! Glad to see Mez is working with you!”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 31, 2013
The Wonder Years (Part One) EP Promo Photo Luke Christopher - “The Wonder Years (Part One) EP”

“Organic and sounds dope!! Looking forward to more !”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 31, 2013
Sunset Blvd. Promo Photo Yancey Boys - “Sunset Blvd.”

“Dope Album! I love this because you can feel and see J Dilla through the music!! ”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 29, 2013
Listen to Roger Promo Photo Roger Will - “Listen to Roger”

“I would partially agree with Rosario bout the first song still hardd... Some people are too ADD and you gotta hook em quick, but being a producer myself, I give an album a full listen and really love the audio clip in the beg, It def sets up the tone of the album and didn't detour me from seeing how much work you put into it. Production was on point Drum GAHD!! And Roger I love the flow, especially on Last Words! Keep it up and just DO IT!! Roger that!”

MaknBeats's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013

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