Rockin' With You Promo Photo Chris Rene - “Rockin' With You”

“I LOVE all of Chris Rene's music- both pre- and post- X Factor... but this one, I LOVE LOVE LOVE. The LoveLifeFamily will always be #RockinWithYOU Chris Rene! Four more days until the release of his first EPIC album, "I'm Right Here"... on fire to hear the entire EP!”

Debra Gray's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 28, 2012
Trouble Promo Photo Chris Rene - “Trouble”

“I've been a Chris Rene fan since his debut on X Factor- from the first time I heard him perform, the lovelife message he purports resonated with my own philosophy of life. His soon-to-be released "Trouble" (June 26 on itunes) is another of his songs- the first time you hear, you will definitely be singing along. Another GREAT song by the one and only, original Young Homie.”

Debra Gray's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 22, 2012

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