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To the Top Promo Photo Joey Barbieri - “To the Top”

“Joey B's Closer 2 Closure album is one of the hottest albums in 2012! Joey Barbieri is such a gifted artist with smooth and mad flows/vocals and he uses poetry in his lyrics. He reminds me of Old School Eminem with a deeper tone. I can hear a bit of Lloyd Banks in his vocals but way better! This album of Joey from beginning until the end is just brilliant! All his tracks are just sizzlin' hot! I have my favorites, but I'm in love with his track, "DO IT AGAIN" which is track #12! I received his album on Apr. 9th and I just can't stop listening to it! If this album of his is on fire, I can't wait for his next album! Joey B!!! You're the bomb, baby!!! ~<3 FIFI <3~”

Fifi The Beautiful's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2012

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