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Going Through It Promo Photo Will Brennan - “Going Through It”

“Very clean bars, I could careless for the sample in the chorus. Love how this guy always represents Palm Beach Like Jay Z and Brooklyn, Kanye, Common and Chicago. Nikes and Athletes. 5 stars because I'm bias, and I hate anything that isn't HIP-HOP but includes rap. Get on or get off!”

I use to lie's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 07, 2012
This Land Promo Photo Will Brennan - “This Land”

“Don't quote me on this but hands down name another MC from Palm Beach... p.s. take your time I'll wait three dots . . . Now, name another MC (hip hop) from palm beach that levels with him? Time to leave the nest Will Brennan I'm all ears, if you fail you fail yourself, cause you got something!”

I use to lie's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 05, 2012

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