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The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Promo Photo Eminem - “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”

“I honestly feel terrible for giving albums 5 stars in the past. I forgot, since it has been a few years, that when Eminem releases an album that nothing with compare to or for years to come. Marshall's rage filled/ humble/ emotional lyrics have created the most powerful/ creative/ and diverse album I have heard in quite some time. I won't be taking this album off repeat for a very very long time. I honestly thought this album was so spectacular, I don't even want to put my favourite top 5 songs. This time I'm going to put the couple songs I wasn't the biggest fan of. 1..... First time I've liked absolutely every single song on an album, including the second disk songs. Simple Classic Album! ”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Nov 05, 2013
My Name Is My Name Promo Photo Pusha T - “My Name Is My Name”

“I'm also with Aussie, but don't get me wrong, I liked the album. Yet for a first Pusha LP, I wanted more. So far, in my books, his features have been better. I really liked: 1) Sweet Serenade 2) Hold On 3) 40 Acres 4) Pain Also with Aussie, the album was too all over the map. But overall, enjoyable.”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Hall of Fame Promo Photo Big Sean - “Hall of Fame”

“I think this album is absolutely top grade. The beats are so smooth and diverse, my ears applaud. This definitely has a yeezy feel to it, and it works perfectly. G.O.O.D music never fails. Top songs: (hard to pick, there are way more than 5) 1. First Chain (like caveman said, this song better get the recognition it deserves because it's on another level) 2. Sierra Leone/Greedy Ho's 3. Ashley 4. Beware (minus the fact weezy drags it down) 5. It's Time Special recog to Freaky and Milf for being hilarious”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Aug 28, 2013
Magna Carta... Holy Grail Promo Photo Jay Z - “Magna Carta... Holy Grail”

“I love everything about this album. I can't even pick a top 5. Btw, that streaming up there is missing Oceans and its a phenom song too.”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Jul 05, 2013
Yeezus Promo Photo Kanye West - “Yeezus”

“These are some of the worst reviews I've ever had the displeasure of reading. First off, half sound like you maybe listened to a song or two off the album. Aussie was the only one to throw up songs he actually liked. ThaHustler, you rate everything 1 star, get off this site. Having actually listened to this album numerous times....I'm not going to say this was my favorite Kanye album by any means. But denying Yeezy knows how to push the evolutionary boundaries of hip hop, you might as well smack yourself in the face. Agressive. Diverse. Epic...nuff said. Top 5: 1) Hold my liquor (goes down in the history books as my top 5 favorite Kanye songs) 2) Bound 2 3) Guilt Trip 4) Black Skinhead 5) Blood on the Leaves”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 19, 2013
Indicud Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “Indicud”

“I don't even know where to begin. This is by far cuds best album, and heres why: front to back, there isn't one song that doesn't suck you in. The sound diversity is just banana sandwich; it's constantly changing throughout the album. The featured artists, like Haim on Red Eye, or RZA on Beez were just top drawer (but not overly used). And lastly, this album was just a journey. I listened to it with the Beats on and my eyes closed and it felt like I took a trip across the universe, fucked a unicorn, and jizzed a rainbow. Top Songs 1. Lady Killer 2. Immortal 3. Red Eye 4. Just what I am 5. Afterwards ”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 17, 2013
Blazing Cuts (February 2013) Promo Photo DJ Blaze - “Blazing Cuts (February 2013)”


The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 10, 2013
O.N.I.F.C Promo Photo Wiz Khalifa - “O.N.I.F.C”

“^Clearly this clown didn't even listen to the entire album. So let me give you an actual review. This album is awesome, simply put. Wiz has exceeded all of my expectations with each new LP he drops. Furthermore, Wiz keeps to his classic airy beats, but he has a couple of tracks that are a nice change up from what he usually does... Ex. Let it go and Remember You....There were some songs that I didn't really enjoy but even those were decent. Overall, I'll be listening to this album until Boi shatters the game with VL&DR;. My top 5 songs, in no order, are: 1) The Plan 2) Remember You 3) Let it Go 4) Medicated 5) Paperbond ”

The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 04, 2012
Cee Lo’s Magic Moment Promo Photo Cee-Lo Green - “Cee Lo’s Magic Moment”


The_Vuitton_Don's Rating:                   Posted on Oct 30, 2012

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