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Who R U Promo Photo Pugs Atomz - “Who R U”

“GTFOH if you don't get what and who i'm referencing maybe you need to start listening to the words Lovely how I let my mind float figurative ocean figurative boat this slave to the rhythm escaped from the rope escaped from the whips chains and things follow my words like hash tags now I'm trending but how are you feeling? Benetton, Lo what I'm brandishing usually with h.e.r. manhandling call me Mandingo a new game from calico vision blue movie deep like Jaws vs Deep Throat Linda Lovelace Pugs love bass liar liar you Oliver North Face to be Frank my closets vintage ultra my Lions, Tiger heads, and Bears insult ya Pop goes the Coca Cola speakers vibrating like they were made by Motorola feeling blue you got exiled by soul controller God don't like ugly but your lady love Pugslee just with 4 easy payments buy a CD really dead in the middle of the little rap sections on ya Itunes you can buy my tunes that's so William H. Macy Shameless self promotion baby Amnesia is the only anesthesia become ashes or a phoenix after my feature feeling so Shakur all eyes me like on top of the stove or caller ID I call it how I see it Soap opera Wrestling equal the music industry "don't you believe it" credits roll Tom and Jerry”

Pugs Atomz 465's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 14, 2011

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