Hell Ride to Heaven Promo Photo Layne Harper - “Hell Ride to Heaven”

“Once again you did it !! This song is so great in so many ways and just goes to show that people don't only like music about money, cars, women, drugs and etc.. You are truly the type of artist that knows what he wants and won't make music just to satisfy another person because you live the life you spit about ! 5 STARS !!”

Bronx's Rating:                     Posted on May 09, 2012
Medicine Cabinet Promo Photo Layne Harper - “Medicine Cabinet”

“This dude kills it again!”

Bronx's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 26, 2011
Reverie Promo Photo Layne Harper - “Reverie”

“This record is dope, pure hip-hop.”

Bronx's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 10, 2011

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