Want It Promo Photo Captain Midnite - “Want It”

“There should be a "multiply by" button next to the stars cuz this song is definitely a 10!!! Captain Midnite and Grumps of Seattle do it again! To "Guest" who worte a review ----> "Dance-able" & All the club DJs need told, yes! No doubts. But fan fo' life? You didn't even know Captain Midnite is the one killin' it on Vocals and Grumps of Seattle made that dope, dance-able beat. Sincerely, THIS FAN FO' LIFE ****YOU know why that's sooo funny. "Guest"= re-re status hahahahaha Back to what i have to say..... The song is outta control! takes you up.Up.UP! It's like that moment when you are on your way up the biggest hill on a roller-coaster and are flyin' after.... I know "I Want It"!! In the words of Billy Idol: "In the midnight hour she cried- 'more! more! more!' With a rebel yell she cried- 'more! more! more!'" Everyone should be! STEAKSAUCE Guys! Keep doing what you're doing, cuz it is SOOOOO PRODIGIOUS! Get the word out People, fans, haters, WHOEVER YOU ARE. Spread the love. Keep the music inside you b/c you never know when your music player might die! ;0)”

IShootUpMusic's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 29, 2011

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