White Noise Promo Photo Produktive - “White Noise”

“Hard work pays. I can tell the work Pro has put into this entire piece. I appreciate the vocal blips and effects in the tracks. Good job overall. Taking on an entire project is a bold and brave thing to do, PLUS even mixing it all yourself. I'm interested to see what you would do with all outside production. Hope we get some more soon. Favorite track: Channel Surfing Runners up: Ken Griffey and Show Me Love”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 20, 2013
Silverspring Crescent Promo Photo Tona - “Silverspring Crescent”

“Yeah so....... I'm buying this right now.”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 18, 2013
PRAY Promo Photo Gilbere Forte' - “PRAY”

“There is something super unique about this album. The sound could have varied a bit more. The ambiant feel seems to be the theme throughout, which I can appreciate. But still, more varied sound is what I prefer. I want a little of everything.... Not to be slammed with songs that all have similar ambiant feel. Nevertheless, I am pleased with this work. Good job. The sound is top notch. The raps are cool. Gilbere can rhyme. Not always digging the "new school" style of vocals where he naturally pitches up at the end of a bar. That kind of rhyming is pretty cornball and amatuer. But I cannot gelp but recognize the time and thought that was put into this project. 5 stars for skill, quality and entertainment... regardless whether or not I feel we could do without the horrible pitches in some of the flows. It says alot about what I can tolerate to listen to this work. I liked it overall. Nolita is the one, though. It's the main song I kept coming back to. It's set up perfectly and beasts the "ambiant" feel of this entire album. I suppose if this song were placed a few tracks later... I wouldnt have expected the album to get even better..... But I heard the best of what this album has to offer by track number two. Just my thought. Roe”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on May 20, 2013
Pushing Keyes Promo Photo M.i - “Pushing Keyes”

“Good job, guys. ”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on May 19, 2013
Trapped in the '90s Promo Photo ILL TAL - “Trapped in the '90s”

“Uhhhh, more please? I really hope hiphop moves back towards this sound. The new crap sucks..... real bad.”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 06, 2012
Read Between the Lines Promo Photo K. Sparks - “Read Between the Lines”

“Thanks for more free quality hiphop, brother.”

Carl Roe's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 05, 2012

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