Phene Phene - “Out Of My Way”

“Beat hits hard and come in with harder lyrics. "Ayo I learn from the smart, learn from the ignorant, the guilty in the innocent..."”

TinoConquest's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 14, 2011
I Want the World Promo Photo Phene - “I Want the World”

“The truth of the matter is a lot mainstream peolpe have the same problem wih Phene as DJ Z is he inspirtional/ underground, is is mainstream,part y "what lane is he in" And truthfully it just seems like he is making music not trying to fit a mold or a lane. When hip hop started it was about being an inspiration it was about the struggle, but that IS what we danced and partied to. I never really thought about it till today but in that sense Phene is a throwback artist. He's not trying to fit in a group just making good music that he wants to make and if we can party and be inspired by it, to me thats what music is about.”

TinoConquest's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 16, 2011

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