You Are Promo Photo Charlie Wilson - “You Are”

“When a man tells a woman he wants to express his love, and then says lets listen to Uncle Charlie, it is time to think about where the relationship is headed. She listens deeply, maybe once or twice to the lyrics, she listens again, because her man is 3,000 miles away and this love is 30 years old. "You Are" then becomes a moment to make her question her love for him. "You Are" is visceral. The phrases: "You're easy to love, The reason I love ... trust, the reason I come home" are not words she can take lightly. This song, with all its cool, r&b, tells this woman that if someone says you're an angel sent from heaven then its possible, despite what she thinks, this is the one. Uncle Charlie's "You Are" ignites passion, instills hope, inspects the heart, and involves truth.”

angela064's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 19, 2010

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