Already Gone Promo Photo Radio Ramone - “Already Gone”

“Ramone is a beast, Fame is a put these two on the same track and they'll tear down Olympus itself! Shouts to both of em!”

moOk.FDMGtakover's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 17, 2011
World Turned No Love Promo Photo Marion Write - “World Turned No Love”

“You're a beast brotha. "Pronunciation" haha and you're beasting every track since then, this is that change the world get up off ya ass music! FLO DEEP!”

moOk.FDMGtakover's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 05, 2011
Top of the World Promo Photo NIQUE - “Top of the World”

“"So gone jedi wit a robe on. No Lamar but these bars got em sayin O-Dom..damn!". Steady improvin, always killin it. Get that shit bruh!”

moOk.FDMGtakover's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 29, 2010
FloDeep FloDeep - “Monster Music”

“All 3 verses...MURDER!!! Just sit and listen, you're on that Rick James white if you say this track is anything less than great. Killin it now, how about 3-4 years from now? Watch out..”

moOk.FDMGtakover's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 11, 2010
Boom Bap Promo Photo NIQUE - “Boom Bap”

“Nique! Keep slayin em! I would tell everyone to not sleep on Flo Deep but let em lol. Monster Music will take over dreams and turn em into nightmares. XX.III watchout!”

moOk.FDMGtakover's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 08, 2010

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