Bullseye Promo Photo BIGREC - “Bullseye”

“This joint is dope. The energy is right and the everything else is in place. Can't wait to hear the full length. What's Old School about it Richard? If Kendrick did it we wouldn't call it old school. ”

Big Tah's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 25, 2014
Code of Hammurabi Promo Photo SA-ROC - “Code of Hammurabi”

“This joint have me curious wanting to hear more. It's not the Uh Wop but its the 4 Play”

Big Tah's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 15, 2014
Methuzulah Methuzulah - “True & Living Honorable”

“I love the word play and the incorporation of the trumpet or trombone from (GPWFLY). The track flip from the Wu joint and the nod to Dug Fresh the Show on the hook connected something old and Familiar with a new Artist.”

Big Tah's Rating:                     Posted on May 14, 2012
Supernova Promo Photo Stanza - “Supernova”

“I guess you have to first understand the thought experiment called "Quantum Suicide" to get where the music is coming from. I'm not a scientist but if you want to understand I've cut and pasted a couple of explanations to try to make it make sense. But before I go there this is some psychedelic shit that you either should be in deep thought or extremely high when listening. Ok Quantum Suicide explained: Basically it's a thought experiment from the 80's that pretty much states that when you take an action there are two possible outcomes. The two possible outcomes create parallel universes. And each time its done over and over more universes are created. The actual experiment is a suicide in which there is a 50/50 chance you die. There is always a universe in which you would live. Therefor conscious being lives forever. I really chopped up the experiment and someone who read this that's really into Quantum Physics will probably blast me but I had to try to put it in laymen terms of how I understand it. A Super Nova is a star exploding causing death and life. LOL. Stanza come in here and help me out I think I'm going to far with this.”

Big Tah's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 23, 2010

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