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The Knux The Knux - “ Cappuccino (Remix)”

“hahaha, i would expect nothing less from a bunch off jeezy jockin' fake thug appreciatin' morons. y'all can keep your syncopated hi hats and lies about coke and guns. if you don't feel this song, you're not a hip hop head. end of story.”

hopsince82's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 28, 2008
The Knux The Knux - “Cappuccino”

“man, y'all wack ass internet critics be hatin' for no reason. i sincerely hope none of you are that dumb to honestly think they're talkin' about coffee, and jesavail, get that brokeback mountain talk the fuck outta here, dog. i went to your top artists, and see you all on jim jones dick...as i recall, that fool be wearin' leather vests and gay ass ed hardy gear in photo shoots on the regular, that makes him way more suspect than two biological brothers huggin' each other. think before you open your mouth. it's all good, whenever someone does something fresh and different, they get hated on by a bunch of ignorant muhfuckas, knux, y'all keep doin' your thing, patiently waitin' on the LP...”

hopsince82's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 21, 2008

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