Be Cool Promo Photo King avriel - “Be Cool”

“Solid lounge track, and as Z said, definitely a little out of the box. I'm digging the fresh approach, smooth vocals, and well constructed groove. Recognizing its purpose, it earns a solid four-nod.”

KingDome's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 20, 2010
Gimme Dat Promo Photo Ciara - “Gimme Dat”

“The quality bass-work is obviously what pairs with Ciara's nimble vocals to make this a very strong club banger. It's also what's not going to not let it be a radio single - too repetitive and stark content (outside of the low end work) won't bring enough interest in mainstream radio. Just beat the hell out of it in the club, and maybe it'll HAVE to come to radio. I'm definitely going to add it to my list.”

KingDome's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 20, 2010
B E A utiful Promo Photo Steph Jones - “B E A utiful”

“This is the track that finally gets me off my butt to make a comment... Main impetus for comment: I feel the quality of production for songs has been on the rise recently while singers/rappers have had a hard time keeping up. Jones takes a good stab at it. The chorus could use some work, but I feel the main star here is the track he's trying to catch up to. Something that I'm feeling more and more nowadays... For this track specificially, per above, production is definitely on point, nice flow and very danceable. I'm digging the nod to "Take on Me" as well. The chorus could use a bit more aggression. I lose it a bit there. Other than that slip up and ole Jones being beaten by his own beats, it's a solid track. Definitely download-worthy.”

KingDome's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 20, 2010

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