Winners Promo Photo Anilyst - “Winners”

“sick production work... havent heard anything so artsy in a while.. props to the producer.. the track plays in and out with the synth lines and builds tension and transition well...the dubstep at about 2:09 really bring a good pump to the track and add a little it.. a very well refined track.. EQ's on point.. the lyrics are witty and brainy without coming across as pretentious.. you have to listen to it a few times to catch the well developed metaphors..this guy has serious serious potential for the club and college scene.. cheers..”

Phil Esteen's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 08, 2011
Mr. Governor Promo Photo Soul Khan - “Mr. Governor”

“this is a sick track. the flow is smooth.. vocals well produced.. there are a few odd samples of pianos and something that sounds like a high pitched clav that don't sit exactly well in the mix (for me that is) although they cut through nicely.. maybe re-eq... love the message hes sending out.. overall a great track with solid feel and good soul..”

Phil Esteen's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 08, 2011
Analyst - “Way I'm Livin' (Remix) ft. Vico ”

Phil Esteen's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 30, 2008

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