SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon”

“I like this. Although it's nowhere near the classic material of A Kid Called Cudi and MOTM 1 & 2, it's definitely a return to form of some sort. Indicud was terribly underwhelming and I didn't get into WZRD at all. The melody's are much more refined on this project than anything on his last two albums and the production is intriguing. A nice short album to chill with. Looking forward to MOTM 3 when it (hopefully) finally drops next year”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Mar 06, 2014
Because The Internet Promo Photo Childish Gambino - “Because The Internet”

“This album is awesome. Definitely one of this year's best and it's been a great year for hip hop. The sonics are pretty incredible and Bino can rap his ass off. It's extremely versatile and reminds me a lot of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 12, 2013
Born Sinner Promo Photo J. Cole - “Born Sinner”

“The traditional hip hop that was missing from Yeezus can be found here. This is impressive - a much better album than Cole World. His raps have improved drastically. Not to mention his beats, they sound great. The Truly Yours series was also a great listen. I hope J. Cole finally gets his props with this. 4 stars”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 18, 2013
Yeezus Promo Photo Kanye West - “Yeezus”

“This is unlike any other hip hop album I've heard. With each album Kanye has pushed the envelope, that's why I can always rely on him to bring something fresh and exciting to the table. I've listened to this at least 7 times now - it's a dope way to spend 40 minutes. Will be interesting to see how this impacts the game. 4.5 stars”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 18, 2013
Reincarnated Promo Photo Snoop Lion - “Reincarnated”

“I actually think this is dope. Snoop's been doing a few interviews for the promo of this album, and he's been saying some real sh#t. He can no longer rap about the gangster lifestyle he once lived. I think this is a perfect way to re-invent his artistry. I do think the fact that the second half of the album sounds like a pop record is a bit of let down. After the rehash of Akon's 2006 song Tired of Running (I wonder if Snoop knew about that) it sort of dwindles and in comes formulaic pop songs with artists like Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus (!) Highly unnecessary if you ask me, it doesn't add to the albums purpose or overall message. It picks up again after Busta's awesome verse on Remedy. Reincarnated has its flaws, but its something original and it sounds fresh (largely thanks to Major Lazer's awesome production). I'd actually prefer this over Snoop's last couple of albums. I can't wait to smoke to this xD”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 25, 2013
Indicud Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “Indicud”

“Kid Cudi is my favourite artist. I feel like I'm one of those fans that needs to take some time to really appreciate this album and let it grow on me before I make a true judgement. However, I feel it lacks some of the magic that made his first two albums classics. (3 if you include 'A Kid Called Cudi') Major respect to Cudi to actually learn how to make beats and use the Maschine to let him fully express himself. Even with learning the guitar with WZRD, it's clear he strives to just get better and better. I remember when he first came out, in Australia the Crookers Remix of Day N Nite was a massive hit here. I thought that version was a jam, but nobody could've expected the greatness that would follow. MOTM2 in particular is one of my favourite albums of all time. I like that Cudi is leaning towards indie and electronic music on this album. It's a fresh sound, I couldn't name any other rapper that's diversified his sound like this. This sounds silly but I just love the production and the feeling of the MOTM series that I was kind of disappointed when I realised this would be much different to that. I feel like a lot of people are going to have varying opinions on this album, that's mine. Though I expect I'll be eating my words in a few months once Indicud really sinks in and I've played it to death, like I have with 'Just What I Am"”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 22, 2013
O.N.I.F.C Promo Photo Wiz Khalifa - “O.N.I.F.C”

“Wiz is dope. I knew about Wiz but never really got into him until he put out Kush & OJ, that was a great tape. I wasn't that into Rolling Papers but this album brings back that Kush & OJ vibe. Wiz is a chill dude as well, I don't know how people can hate on him. This is good music, Wiz may not be the best rapper, but his flow, cadence and presence is captivating. His beats are fresh. Love the vibes, listening stoned or not haha Solid - also I agree the Plan is probably the best track on here.”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 11, 2012
The Adventures of Bobby Ray  Promo Photo B.o.B - “The Adventures of Bobby Ray ”

“I'm going to give this album a solid 4 although I dont think I got into it as much as everyone else seems to have...The game needs B.o.B, he is so interesting to listen to because he doesn't adhere to the standards of todays rap game. I love how he branches out into so many different genre's. In my opinion, Airplanes is one of the best songs to come out this year, the Eminem version just takes the 'bigness' of this record to another level. If ever released as a single, Don't Let Me Fall should be another hit. I also liked B.o.B's more alternate, less traditional hip hop records like Ghost In The Machine, The Kids & 5th Dimension. Although I didnt really enjoy the song as a whole, its good to hear Lupe on Past My Shades, WHERE IS LASERS?!?! The only other song I couldnt get into was Magic. It sounds really out of place, sounds like a song that Kesha passed on (not a good thing) Overall, its an outstanding effort for a debut album and after a few years of buzz, it feels great that B.o.B has finally hit the big time. Hip Hop needs him... My picks; 1. Airplanes Part 1 & 2 2. Don't Let Me Fall 3. Ghost In The Machine 4. Bet I Bust 5. Nothing On You”

Co-Sign3's Rating:                   Posted on Jun 29, 2010

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