The Making of the Black Icon Promo Photo Goines - “The Making of the Black Icon”

“Yet again, I'm impressed with how you laced this track. Your vocals and rhyme scheme make any beat seem better. Plus add to the fact that you spit lyrical venom that burns to the core of what people NEED to hear. This is dope and I would give a 5, but I know you will always top that on the next one. HOLLA”

That Dude X's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 16, 2010
Leader of the New School Promo Photo Goines - “Leader of the New School”

“This is classic Goines right here. When I hear this delivery from the cat, I wanna just put it on blast. Plus spittin over the Chuck Inglish track makes it like icing on a cake.”

That Dude X's Rating:                     Posted on May 20, 2010

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