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Epsilon NAMM 2015 Highlights [Video]

The Epsilon company puts out great quality DJ gear at extremely affordable prices.  I can easily vouch for these claims as we’ve recently reviewed their Epsilon INNO-PROPAK turntable/mixer package and the Epsilon EPS 8.0 active studio monitors with great results.  It looks like the masses are also in agreement as everyone was on hand at the NAMM 2015 Epsilon Booth to see their new offerings up close and personal.

Native Instruments Komplete & Maschine Updates [Video]

Late last year, we reviewed the new Native Instruments Powerful tools that allow producers to make music of all styles and genres.  The Native Instruments Maschine Studio easily allows users to bang out beats on the drum pads while the Native Instruments Komplete Keyboards made it simple to add a melody to the rhythm.  Now Native Instruments has integrated the Maschine Studio with the Komplete Keyboards to make an easy and intuitive workflow for production.

Audio-Technica ATH-M70x Headphones [Video]

The new Flagship Audio-Technica ATH-M70X monitoring headphones which were announced last month at NAMM 2015 are out now and available for sale at your local retailers for $300.  The new ATH-M70X separate themselves from the ATH-M50X headphones by offering proprietary 45mm (over-the-ear) drivers that are capable of delivering a wide range of sound, metal reinforcement in the construction, and the ability to swivel the earcups 90-degrees for one-ear monitoring situations.  Check out this video by our partners AMS to see what the ATH-M70X are all about.

Blazing Cuts January 2015 Mixtape Freestyle Set [Video]

Yesterday, I hopped on the Stanton ST-150 turntables and the Traktor Z2 Mixer for a quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts January 2015.  I took the camera out to give you a quick freestyle mixing session with some of my favorite tracks of this latest release.  Check out my quick freestyle video session and download/stream my latest January 2015 mixtape inside.

Epsilon EPM 8.0 Monitor Unboxing [Video]

Epsilon has been bringing out new DJ & Lighting equipment at an extremely fast pace and we’re happy to report that they’ve decided to send some new gear our way to see if it can hold up to the tests in the DJbooth.  The latest product for review is the new Epsilon EPM 8.0 powered studio monitors.  These affordable monitors have an internal amp, 8-inch woofers, three input types, and a rubbed MDF enclosure for good sound and durability.  Our full review will be complete within the next two weeks, but check out our unboxing & first impressions video to see them fresh out of the package.

Epsilon Inno ProPak Unboxing [Video]

Epsilon is a new DJ and Lighting company and they recently release a new starter DJ package for only $799 that includes two brand new Super-OEM professional quality turntables and a two-channel DJ mixer with a built in Mini-Innofader crossfader for good cuts and smooth mixing.  The Epsilon Inno ProPak would be the perfect starting point for DJ’s who want a professional Digital/Analog vinyl control for mixing and scratching without breaking the bank.

NAMM 2015: Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones [Video]

NAMM is here and so is the new gear!  Pioneer has announced the new HRM-7 Studio Monitor headphones that incorporate HD drivers for “high-resolution” audio quality that’s suited for home and professional studio use.  The Pioneer HRM-7 Headphones feature 40mm, a dual chamber bass reflex enclosure for deep bass, and comfortable and isolating memory-foam velour ear pads.

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight & RMX-60 Digital [Video]

Reloop has just dropped a BOMB for vinyl DJ’s by announcing its new Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable with a straight tonearm that is great for scratching.  Reloop has also announced a new RMX-60 Digital mixer for NAMM 2015.  These two products were announced by a quick surprise video from Reloop with turntablist DJ Fong Fong going to work on the new RP-8000 Straight turntables and the RMX-60 Digital four-channel mixer.  Check out the video and our thoughts after the jump.

NAMM 2015: Pioneer XDJ-RX [Video]

Many people have speculated that a new all-in-one Pioneer DJ Rekordbox player would eventually show up one day… That day is today as Pioneer DJ has just announced their new All-In-One XDJ-RX Rekordbox DJ system.  The new system includes a full seven-inch color display which shows parallel waveforms, cue points, track information, and much more.  The Pioneer XDJ-RX is a true two-channel standalone mixer, has two USB slots for multiple music sources, and can also be used as a DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2.

Reloop NEON Serato Flip Mode [Video]

The Reloop NEON is a compact controller that allows users to unlock the advanced features within Serato DJ for those who are using DVS systems or DJ controllers without the infamous performance pads that can control SP-6 sampler (with playback-mode LED indicators for each slot), Pad FX, Slicer modes, hotcues, the new Flip Mode, & loops.  Check out our review of the Reloop NEON, then check out the video featuring DJ Cable showing off the new Flip Mode feature on the NEON and the turntables….


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