Mixers Reviews

Numark PRO SMX Mixer Review

PRO SMX is the most powerful, best-sounding DJ battle mixer Numark has ever made. Designed in conjunction with world-famous DMC champions, PRO SMX features a 100% analog audio path to preserve the natural warmth of vinyl.

Korg KM-202 Mixer Review

The new Korg KM-202 KAOSS Mixers merge the effects and revolutionary interface from the KAOSS PAD, six different types of EQ, and an adjustable crossfader curve to deliver the most unique DJ mixer on the market.

Numark DXM-PRO Review

The Numark DXM-PRO is a 24-bit Digital 2-channel Professional Scratch Mixer which is definitely a true contender in the battle mixer market.

Stanton SA-5 Review

The SA-5 is the first professional battle mixer which does not have a single rotary knob. Using all faders gives turntablists controls with which they are familiar and comfortable using. The positioning of all sliders and switches has been taken into special consideration for a clean, simple and easy to understand layout that is not over-crowded or confusing.

Gemini PS-626-X Review

The LEGENDARY Gemini PS-626-X mixer is finally back by popular demand with a better Fader and more Goodies!!!

Rane TTM-56 Review

The Rane TTM-56 is known as the Best Mixer for Turntablists. With High quality sound output and extrodinary life, its rank is very high amongst all DJ's.

Vesatx PMC-07 Pro Review

A high-end 2-channel mixer great for all applications, especially scratching. Features include durable PVC faders, improved sound quality, and powerful 3 band EQs. Hamster switch reverses the crossfader to suit a scratch DJ's preference. Also offers curve adjustment for crossfader and channel faders.

Stanton SK-6F Review

The SK-6 is a low-priced fader which includes both a Focus Fader Version 1 in addition to the regular fader. It also offers assignable effects capabilities for all channles as well as a option to switch the headphones from the cue to the master output.

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