Headphones Reviews

Vestax HMX-05 Headphones Review

The Vestax HMX-05 Headphones are the newest headphones released by the Vestax Pro DJ Division and are sure to be a hit with Vestax DJ controller and Mixer users who want a versatile headphone for their listening or DJ needs.  The Vestax HMX-05 headphones are available in a Red/Black color scheme that looks perfect along side the Vestax PMC-05proIV mixer or their VCI-400 and VCI-380 DJ controllers.  Let’s take a closer look to see if they’re a suitable DJ option for those in search of a new set of headphones for both the DJ booth and for daily listening.  Review after the jump.

Urbanears Slussen Review

Urbanears has just come up with a new and exciting product called Slussen. The Slussen is a U-shaped mini-adapter that will allow users to connect the iphone to both external speakers and a set of headphones at the same time for a true DJ mixing experience all in the palm of your hand.  Our very own resident DJ Kutmaster TeeOh puts it through its paces to see what it’s all about.  Check out his full written review after the jump.

Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones Review

Sol Republic is a relatively new company with a nice line of headphones of a few various shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The Sol Republic Master Tracks headphones are their new over-the-ear style of headphones that could possibly fit the bill for DJ’s needs based on its construction and replaceable parts offered in case anything ever does break. The purpose of this review is to test them out further to see if they can handle the abuse and needs of a Performing DJ.  Check out the written and video reviews after the jump to see if they make the grade.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones Review

The Crossfade M-100 Professional DJ Headphones are the newly announced V-MODA creations that DJ’s and everyday listeners and smartphone users are sure to love.  The 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers produce extremely accurate sound reproduction with superb isolation.  The M-100’s also have a Metal steel-frame construction with metal CLIQFOLD hinges that allows them to fold and dual inputs to daisy-chain additional headphones for share-play.  Check out the full HD-Video and written reviews after the jump.

Urbanears Zinken Pro DJ Headphones Review

Urbanears is a relatively new headphone company with a superb line of headphones of all shapes, colors, and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The Zinken headphones are the first True Professional DJ-style of headphones from Urbanears that are advertised as being able to take the rigors of the mobile DJ lifestyle, while also providing long-lasting comfort and style in the process.  We’ll put the claims to the test in my HD-Video and written review inside.

I-MEGO Throne Gold Headphones Review

I-Mego is a relatively new company with a nice line of headphones of all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs.  The I-Mego Throne headphones are the main style of headphones that they carry that could possibly fit the bill for DJ’s needs.  Check out my Full HD-Video and written reviews inside to see if they are good enough to be used by the real working DJ.

Marshall Major Headphones Review

Marshall is known throughout the World for creating some of the best sounding Guitar Amps that anyone have ever heard.  Marshall has taken the same ingenuity found in their guitar amps and applied it to their first on-the-ear designed headphones called the Marshall Major.  The Marshall Major headphones have a cool throwback look and feel to them and they really feel like a product that belongs in the Marshall family.  The big question is whether or not they are suitable for DJ’s.  Check out our answer in my HD-Video review after the jump.

Pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphones Review

The Pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphones are the newest headphones released by the Pioneer DJ Division as replacements for the iconic HDJ-1000’s that were so successful in its long run. The Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones, were one of the best set of cans any DJ could purchase when they first arrived on the scene and now the HDJ-1500’s are set to be better in many different ways.  Check out my Full HD-Video review to see how they stack up.

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