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The Shure M44G scratch/club cartridge offers the same low record wear found in the M447. It differs from its brother in that it is a little less skip resistant, but has a more balanced output with better sound quality. Because of this, the Shure M44G is ideal for both club and skratch DJs.

Staff Review

The M44-G cartridge is slightly different from the M44-7. It has the same the same low record wear as the M44-7, but is slightly less skip resistant.  However, the M44-G cartridge has a more balanced output and overall better sound quality.  For this reason the M44-G is a good choice for club DJs who also scratch.

Read More: Cartridges  Shure       Written by on Nov 09, 2005

Features & Specs

  • Tracking Force: 0.75 to 1.5 grams
  • Flat Frequency Response from 20-20,000 Hz

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