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DJbooth Pioneer DDJ-SZ Giveaway Contest

For this week’s video entry, we are proud to present another FREE Giveaway of the recently reviewed Pioneer DDJ-SZ Flagship DJ Controller and standalone mixer.  The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is one of the most full-featured and most expensive DJ controllers on the planet as it features full-sized jog wheels, a full sized DJM mixer (with DVS and standalone capabilities), and all the Serato DJ pad goodness that one could want.  More info after the jump.

Pioneer’s New XDJ-1000 [Video]

Pioneer DJ has just announced that they are releasing a new lineup of “CD-less” CDJ’s called the XDJ Line.  The new XDJ series will feature USB ports to connect to computers for digital software playback like Traktor/Serato or to connect USB drives to DJ straight from the user library using Rekordbox.  The first release of the new line is called the Pioneer XDJ-1000 and it features a familiar CDJ layout, an intuitive touch-screen, and more.

[Review] Reloop NEON Controller

The Reloop Neon is an official Serato Accessory Controller which allows users to unlock the advanced features within Serato DJ for those who are using DVS systems or DJ controllers without the infamous performance pads.  The Serato DJ features that can be controlled from the Neon surface are the SP-6 sampler (with playback-mode LED indicators for each slot), Pad FX, Slicer modes, hotcues, the new Flip Mode, and loop modes.

Traktor Kontrol S8 Out Now [Video]

The new Traktor Kontrol S8 Flagship DJ controller is now available for purchase at the many different Native Instruments retailers around the World. The Traktor Kontrol S8 can operate as a completely Stand-Alone 4-channel mixer, it has touch sensitive controls, high quality user-replaceable faders, and dual high resolution screens for all the Traktor information one could need without glancing at their laptop.

[Review] Pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller

The Pioneer DJ Division’s new Flagship Serato DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SZ retains many of the features and functions of the widely popular DDJ-SX, while adding more real estate for a bigger and more professional footprint, bigger full “CDJ-sized” jog wheels, Multi-Color Backlit Performance Pads, Dual USB Ports for seamless transitions, a magnetic MAGVEL crossfader, and a full-blown DJM mixer section with Sound Color FX and DVS capability.

Traktor Pro 2.7 Released

The new Traktor Pro 2.7.0 update is now released and with it comes support for the new Traktor Kontrol S8, the ability to use MK1 or MK2 Traktor timecode vinyl for DVS users, and a host of other improvements.  The new Freeze/Slicer mode which was a huge hit on the Traktor DJ App is now available in Traktor 2.7.0 and it can be MIDI mapped to any controller the user sees fit.

Mixvibes Cross 2.0 For Android

The new Mixvibes Cross DJ App for the Android system is now getting better and better with its latest 2.0 release.  In this newest Cross DJ iteration, the software now allows DJ’s to manipulate and scratch using the waveforms, separate navigation tabs for easy use, key detection, and a BPM synced sampler for mixing.

Reloop NEON Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The Reloop Neon is an official Serato DJ Accessory that is similar to the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 which also works with Serato DJ but the Neon is even more compact and is mapped to control all four deck’s pad functions from a single Neon device including: Sampler, Pad FX, Slicer, Looped Slicer, Cue, Flip, Hot Loops, Loop, and Manual Loop.  Check out our quick unboxing video to see all that comes inside the package.

[Review] Numark NV Serato DJ Controller

The Brand new Numark NV Controller promises to change the game by adding two 4.3-inch full color displays above each jog wheel deck so that users can see waveforms, cue points, loops, music libraries, effects, and all the other important visual information in Serato so that DJ’s can put the laptop away for good.  Check out our full video review to see how the Numark NV handles the task at hand.

Mixvibes Cross 3.3 Track Match

The new version 3.3 update for Mixvibes Cross adds a cool new Track Match feature which shows DJ’s songs that are available within their library that will match via BPM and Key with the song that is currently playing.  The Mixvibes Cross 3.3 software update also adds support for 64-bit operating systems for better overall performance, stability, and quality.


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