Behringer: U-PHONO UFO202 (Video)

The Behringer U-PHONO UFO202 is a new USB interface that allows users to transfer their analog vinyl or audio cassette tapes into a digital file format. This interface can now work perfectly with iPads in order to allow users the opportunity to transfer these analog files directly to the digital realm right on a portable iPad. The process is very simple and the video will show you just how easy the whole setup really is. At only $34 retail, you can't really beat it. Check out the video inside to see for yourself.

NAMM 2012: Behringer’s 7 New Controllers

Behringer has hit the NAMM 2012 show with a slew of new USB MIDI controllers that is sure to suit the bill for all types of Digital DJ's. There is an all-in-one four-deck controller, a mini-economy controller and an additional five controllers that act as a modular system for DJ's to build the ultimate controller interface, or pick-and-choose only the components that the particular type of DJ will need. There is really something here for everyone. Check inside to see all the details, prices, and pics.

Behringer 50 New Products for 2012 CES

Behringer is making some huge waves for the new 2012 year! They have announced 50 new Eurosound products that are on display at the current CES trade show that is going on right now! There is something here for every type of music enthusiast from iPad sound systems to digital drum sets and even affordable keyboards. If you are in town for the CES trade show, head on over to Booth 15348 and check out all the new Eurosound products that will aim to provide a great value to all consumers. More info and links inside.

[Review] Behringer B212D Powered Speaker

The Behringer EUROLIVE speaker lineup is quite a versatile bunch. With over 20 speaker models and setups to choose from, its hard to know where to start. Behringer decided to send us a set that DJ's and performers would use to bump their gigs and routines. Introducing the Behringer B212D two-way 12-inch powered speaker system. These speakers are very compact and lightweight and perfect for mobile DJ's on the go. They also would benefit DJ's on a budget or those living in tight spaces as these speakers can fit almost anywhere. Check out my Full-HD video review after the jump.

[Review] Behringer B1500D-PRO Powered Subwoofer

The Behringer EUROLIVE speaker lineup has been causing quite a stir among pro audio enthusiasts who are looking for decent performance for a great price. There are so many different configurations and styles that are offered in the EUROLIVE speaker range making it easy to find something for every type of performance condition you could think of. There are wood or molded style cabinets and active or passive models to choose from. Behringer has sent us a brand new B1500D-PRO 15-inch powered subwoofer to put it through the test for this Full HD-Video review. This 1000 watt system is the loudest and most powerful system that we have ever tested on and the performance was even better than expected. Watch the video after the jump.

Behringer’s 50 new Products and iNuke Boom

Behringer is really ready to bring in the new year with 50 new products plus the all new iNuke Boom which is the world's loudest iPhone/iPod/iPone dock with 10,000 watts of power. Behringer has just launched their new EUROSOUND consumer electronics brand that promises to give great quality sound at great prices. Among those products is the iNuke Boom which will cost a cool $30k and measures 8ft wide and 4ft tall and weighs over 700lbs! That's some serious sound and will definitely relieve your wallet of about as much as the iNuke weighs. Be on the lookout for the new Eurosound name and the products that will be coming to a store near you. Check out the full press release inside.

[Review] Behringer NOX404 DJ Mixer

The Behringer NOX series mixers is now available worldwide for sale at an extremely affordable price. Thanks to my friends over at Behringer, I've had the NOX404 2-channel DJ mixer for a little over a month and I'm still pretty impressed with the features and finish of this machine. The knobs and faders are nice and the effects section is off the hook. Watch our full video review of the Behringer NOX404 mixer to see if it fits your needs. Video after the jump.

Behringer NOX Mixers Announced

I'll be the first to admit that I was never really a fan of Behringer products. For most of my past 18-year DJ experience, I have come to learn that Behringer products were often priced well, but the quality also suffered from this pricing model. For the past few years, Behringer has been (successfully) trying to change their image as they have been starting to come out with some higher quality products with innovative features as well. Behringer has just announced its NOX mixer line that all come with VCA "contact-free" crossfaders, effects, and USB connectivity for track playback. Check inside for the press release and details.

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