[Video] Vestax Spin2 Revealed

A few short weeks ago, Vestax announced a new update to their successful entry-level Digital DJ controller for the MAC platform called the Spin2.  The Spin2 DJ MIDI controller is fully certified by Apple Inc to work with any Mac, iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch along with the Algoriddim djay app for mixing, cueing and scratching with great results.  The Spin2 has controls for cue points, triggers, loops, effects, samples, and neat jog wheels to put you in the mix.  Check out the intro video and full press release after the jump.

[Review] Vestax VCI-380 DJ Controller

The Vestax VCI-380 has landed in the Lab for the big tests which it passes with flying colors!  This new successor to the popular VCI-300 has been updated with upgrades in almost ever single facet.  The Vestax VCI-380 has Bigger Jog wheels, 2 x 8 Performance Pads with Loads of functions, and it can function as a true stand-alone mixer right out of the box.  Check out my HD-Video and written reviews after the jump.

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Vestax + Allen & Heath

Our good friends over at American Music and Sound were at the 2012 DJ Expo with their Lineup of Vestax controllers and Allen & Heath Mixers.  The Vestax Typoon in both color configurations were these to use along with the professional VCI-380 and VCI-400 controllers both running in Serato.  Allen & Heath had the DB2 and the DB4 getting the most love from the DJ’s as soon as anyone touched one.  Check out the Exhibit video so you can see what you’re missing at the Atlantic City DJ Expo this year.

[Video] Vestax VCI-380 Unboxing & First Impressions

The newest Digital DJ controller by Vestax has finally landed at the Lab for a full-out HD-Video review.  The Vestax VCI-380 is the new update to the ever-so-popular VCI-300 controller and it brings a lot of welcomed improvements and also kept some things exactly the way we liked it.  The Vestax VCI-380 is a solid DJ controller that boasts an all metal construction, standalone mixer capabilities right out of the box, new Pad Effects, and perfect Serato DJ Itch integration.  I’ll be sure to explain everything in great detail during the HD-Video review which should be released just before the Atlantic City DJ Expo next week.  Check out the unboxing and first impressions video in the meantime to see what comes in the box.

Decksaver for Vestax VCI-400 (video)

I’ve been a big fan of the Decksaver DJ equipment covers ever since they were first released.  They do an excellent job of protecting your gear from dust, dirt, grime, debris, smoke, and lots of other things that can do damage to your beloved DJ gear.  They always fit just right and the fit and finish is spot-on.  After upgrading my Vestax VCI-400’s crossfader last week, I decided to also give it a bit of added protection.  The Decksaver for the VCI-400 was recently released and we got one sent to us directly from who is the official US distributors of the Decksaver brand.  Check out our full HD-Video feature of the new Decksaver for the VCI-400 after the jump.

Vestax VCI-400 Standalone Mixer Mode (Free Update)

A few weeks ago, we brought you the full HD-Video review of the new Vestax VCI-400 Digital DJ Controller and just last week, we brought you another DIY video showing how we upgraded the crossfader to the scratch-worthy Vestax CF-X2.  Now Vestax has released a free download firmware update that allows the Vestax VCI-400 controller to work as a standalone mixer without the need for any computer or USB connection.  Just plug in the power cable, hit a few rear switches and you’re ready to go.  Check out the video and press release inside.

Vestax CF-X2 Crossfader Installed in VCI-400/VCI-380

Ever since DJ controllers first started appearing on the market, the more advanced scratch DJ’s were always looking for a way to make the crossfader on these units as good or close to the quality of the crossfader found on their beloved Battle Scratch Mixers.  Vestax has heard their cries and has come up with an excellent solution to this dilemma.  They decided to make the crossfaders on the VCI line of controllers user-friendly-upgradable to the same exact same crossfader found on their flagship scratch mixer, the PMC-05ProIV.  Check out my installation video inside to see how it’s done.

[Review] Vestax VCI-400 USB/MIDI DJ Controller

The Vestax VCI-400 is a top-of-the-line Digital DJ Controller that is compatible with almost every DJ software thanks to its full MIDI capabilities and four full decks of digital audio control.  The VCI-400 is built like a tank, can work as a stand-alone mixer (thanks to the new download over at the Vestax Website), has professional inputs and outputs, and comes with lots of other features that digital DJ’s need.  Check out our full, in-depth HD-Video review to see how it stacks up against the competition.

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