Korg’s new Kaossilator iPhone/iPod/iPad App

Everyone knows that one of my favorite effects units is the Korg Kaoss pad. Ever since I was a kid, I would marvel at what the Kaoss touch-Pad and what it could do to any sound source you had playing. Introducing the new Korg Kaossilator for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. This is the same X-Y touchpad that is found on the full sized Kaoss units that you can buy in the music store. Imagine being able to bring the power of the Kaoss pad with you everywhere on the go. For only $10 this dream can be a reality.

Production Gear: Korg Wavedrum Mini Now Shipping

Korg is now shipping the new Wavedrum Mini which is basically a small version of the popular Wavedrum series drum pads that can simulate the feel and sound of almost any authentic percussion instrument. The Wavedrum Mini has a drum pad, a speaker, sounds, effects, patterns, and a loop recorder all built right into this tiny package. It comes bundled with 100 sounds and 100 rhythm patters, but the user will be able to add any other sounds that they wish for beat-making. More details and press release inside.

Production Gear: Korg Monotribe Now Available

All the producers out there will be happy to know that Korg will continue to bring out great gear to make your life easier. the Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Synthesizer Station has now been released for a street price of only $250. With the Korg Monotribe music makers will be able to make beats on the go using the internal speaker. The Monotribe also allows users to use active step editing to remove or re-insert individual steps to create loop effects and patterns. More details inside.

Production Gear: Korg microARRANGER Announced

Korg has just announced another cool studio keyboard station called the microARRANGER. This new keyboard does a lot more than play sounds. Producers and beat-makers can use the microARRANGER to create full musical masterpieces using the unit as the centerpiece workstation. It comes bundled with over 650 sounds, 89 effects, and an internal step or real-time recorder to get you started. The whole setup is compact and portable with 61 sensitive mini-keys and a built-in stereo speaker system.

Production Gear: Korg Wavedrum

The Korg Wavedrum is a pretty slick drum pad that can simulate the feel and sound of a real drum-head. The Wavedrum is perfect for producers who want a full sized drum pad to accurately get their sounds into the software capture program of choice. It can be used with fingers, hands, sticks, mallets, and brushes for the perfect sound characteristics that beat makers are looking for. The Wavedrum comes in either Black or Silver and there are hundreds of sounds and loops bundled with the hardware right out of the box. Check the Demo video and press release inside.

Production Gear: Korg Wavedrum Oriental Edition

Korg USA is now shipping their very Popular Wavedrum with an internal Oriental dynamic percussion synthesizer which is specially designed for Middle Eastern Music. This is a limited edition run which will contain popular, unique, and accurate percussion sounds which will be playable from the Wavedrum's dynamic rim and real drum head surface. Clocking in at $980, the Wavedrum aint cheap! But for those producers that want these sounds at their fingertips, it may be a dream come true. Details inside.

Cobra Starship Band Uses Korg Synths for Sound

Korg keeps getting better and better with age; or so it seems. With different artists, vocalists, and producers all over the world using their production products, you know they must be doing something right! Cobra Starship (a NY based pop-rock band) are using Korg Synthesizers and beat-making products to create their newest album called "Hot Mess". From the microKORG Vocoder to the Korg R3 synthesizer, Korg is making their work a lot easier.


Earlier in the year, the Musikmesse DJ show took place in Germany with many new products and audio innovation were on-hand for the public to view and use for the first time. Korg was on-hand to deliver lots of new products and included amongst them was the all new Korg Kronos Music Workstation that took home top honors at the Press Award Ceremony. More details inside.

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