Entry-Level Reloop RP-2000USB Turntable [Video]

As turntables and vinyl seem to be hitting a new strides with newfound success in the DJ and consumer markets; the manufacturers who create these turntables are giving users options for all budgets and performance levels.  Reloop has introduced a new video to accompany their new Direct Drive Entry level turntables with USB connectivity (for transferring a vinyl music library to the computer) called the RP-2000USB.  These aren’t the powerhouse Super-OEM RP-6000/7000/8000, but they cost less than half of those models and they can still get the DJ-job done at a lower cost.

[TVR] Blazing Cuts May 2014 Mixtape Freestyle Set

Earlier today, I turned on the Stanton ST.150 turntables and the Traktor Z2 DJ Mixer for yet another quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts May 2014.  Even though we just moved to a new location, I had to get my camera rolling to give you a quick mixing session with some of my favorite tracks of this latest release.  Every month I’ll try to complete a quick freestyle DJ session while choosing songs from my newest Monthly Mixtape series called “DJ Blaze - Blazing Cuts”.  Check out my quick freestyle video session and download/stream my latest May 2014 mixtape

Kutmarks Reusable Vinyl Labels [Video]

Many DJ’s and turntablists who use vinyl will be very excited about this new product…  The new company called Kutmarks have come out with some reusable vinyl labels in many different styles that can be attached and reattached to vinyl over and over again.  The cool new Kutmarks labels all have good markings so that scratch DJ’s can remember their places while pulling off turntablist tricks and juggles.

Mixware - US Distributor for DJ Tech

Mixware.net is always bringing cool new products from the European market over here to the United States.  The latest company to add to their huge roster is the relatively new DJ Equipment company called DJ Tech.  We’ve reviewed a few DJ Tech products in the past including mixers, turntables, and controllers, but they were always pretty hard to find in stores here in the United States.  Mixware.net will aim to correct this issue and be sure to bring the full DJ Tech lineup right here to our shores.

DJ ND + Reloop RP-8000 Turntables [Video]

The brand new Reloop RP-8000 MIDI hybrid DJ turntables have been turning up everywhere across the globe since they’ve been released and many famous DJ’s have been popping up with new videos to show off some new tricks and techniques.  The latest DJ to put out a great performance video with the Reloop RP-8000’s is DJ ND.  Check out our full video review of the RP-8000’s then see a true DMC DJ show you what they can do.

Odyssey Introduces Black Krom Cases

Odyssey has been making high quality DJ cases to protect all types of DJ equipment when in transport and not in use.  I’ve been personally using Odyssey cases for nearly 17 years and they keep releasing new products with a twist to keep all DJ’s happy.  The latest release is their new Black Krom cases which are a bit more “slim” than regular gear cases and they also have a stealthy black appearance all the way around.

Reloop Releases RP-8000 Turntable Tutorial [Video]

The new Reloop RP-8000 Professional Hybrid MIDI DJ turntables sport some of the familiar Super-OEM turntable DNA including the same high-torque motor and tonearm with the additional features such as the digital Pitch LED display, eight rubberized MIDI pads, four MIDI layer buttons, and an over-sized encoder knob which can all be mapped to any MIDI compatible DJ software out on the market today. Reloop has just released a new three-part Tutorial Video Series to show the main features of the RP-8000.

Serato Icon Artist Series - DJ Premier [Video]

DJ Premier is one of the most influential Hip-Hop DJ’s and Producers of our time.  Premier has a signature NYC style and sound that took the game to new heights in the late 80’s and 90’s.  Premier continues to progress as a DJ and Producer and has worked with so many artists in the hip-hop industry that its hard to keep count.  Check out this latest Serato Icon Series Interview of DJ Premier as he speaks on his roots as a DJ and much more.

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