[Video] DJ Premier & Biz Markie at Gibson Pro Audio Booth

Last month at the 2013 Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal we were treated to DJ royalty at the Stanton, KRK, and Cerwin Vega booth (AKA Gibson Pro Audio) with both DJ Premier and Biz Markie showing everyone some turntable and mixing skills we won't soon forget. Premier and Biz appeared at the DJ Expo on separate days, but they both performed at the Gibson Pro Audio booth and we all had a blast. Check out the video performances if you weren't able to make it out in person.

Reloop & Ortofon DJ Cartridges Announced

The Reloop DJ Brand continues the vinyl-turntable based announcements at the BPM 2013 show with the new Reloop-Ortofon DJ cartridge venture. Reloop will work with the legendary Ortofon Phono Cartridge company to produce a new line of DJ cartridges for vinyl turntable users. These new Reloop branded Ortofon Concorde Cartridges come in Black (entry-level), Green (digital timecode vinyl), and Blue (all around performers), with two OM variations also available to accommodate all users.

[Video] Reloop RP-8000 & RP-7000 Turntables Announced

Reloop has just announced two brand new turntables at the BPM 2013 show this weekend that is sure to get vinyl and DVS users very excited. Introducing the Reloop RP-8000 MIDI hybrid turntable (above) and the RP-7000 high-torque turntables without the MIDI control. These new turntables have the familiar Super-OEM internal makeup with high torque direct drive motors while the RP-8000 adds a host of MIDI on-board control buttons and an encoder knob for DJ software mapping and control.

Brooklyn’s DJ Esquire wins the 2013 DMC US DJ Finals

The 2013 DMC US DJ Battle Finals took place on Saturday Aug. 3, 2013 at Stage 48 in New York City. The audience was treated to one of the best DJ battles of all time as all the contestants could easily have been in the top three. None of the judges could agree on the same top-three. The top-three contestants in the US Battle (1st DJ Esquire, 2nd DJ Sparechange, 3rd DJ Ease) will all go represent the US in the DMC World DJ Championships on October 5th in London.

[TVR] 2013 DMC Online Round 9 Results

The winner of the 2013 Online DMC Championships Round 9 has been announced by the DMC judges. The performance which took top honors this week was DJ Jooce from Canada who does some serious scratching and juggling in a great champion-worthy performance.

Global DJ Survey: Speak Your Mind & Win

Calling all DJ's!!! We want your feedback! We need DJ's like you to answer a few short questions about the way you DJ, how you DJ, and what you DJ with on a regular basis in order to help companies better understand the direction of the industry. We will randomly select a survey participant for the excellent grand prize in the form of a Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ Controller, (2) Stanton ST-150 Super-OEM turntables, and a Traktor Scratch Package to bring it all together for some DVS timecode fun!

[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - Stanton/KRK/Cerwin Vega Booth

The Gibson Pro Audio group (Stanton, Cerwin Vega, and KRK) are also in the house at the Atlantic City DJ Expo and we are there to show you what they've got for us. First off, they had the Stanton CMP.800, the SCS.4DJ, the DJC.4, and so much more. Everything was on display ready to use for any who wish to do so. Also in the booth were the entire line of KRK Studio Monitors and the Cerwin Vega speaker and subwoofer line. DJ Premier rocked the house on Tuesday, and Biz Markie is stopping by later today!

[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - Reloop/Vestax/A&H Booth

Our good friends over at American Music and Sound were once again showing off their goodies at the 2013 DJ Expo with their Lineup of Reloop gear, Vestax controllers and Allen & Heath Mixers. We were also able to catch DJ Angelo from the UK ripping it up on the new US-Bound Reloop RP-6000mk6 Super OEM turntables and RMX-80 mixer that will be available state-side immediately! The Vestax Typoon and professional VCI-380 and VCI-400 controllers were in the booth along with the Allen & Heath Mixer range.

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