[Review] Reloop RMX-80 Four-Channel DJ Mixer

The Reloop DJ brand has been cranking out some very good quality DJ equipment for the past few years and they’ve really started to excel in the Digital DJ controller and DJ headphone realm in a very short span of time. The Reloop team has produced two-channel, three-channel, and four-channel DJ mixers that haven’t all found their way over to the United States just yet, but the new four-channel professional grade Reloop RMX-80 mixer is finally here in the DJbooth.net Lab for the full review treatment.

[Review] Pioneer DJM-750 Professional DJ Mixer

The new four-channel professional grade Pioneer DJ mixer that is meant to be the successor to the extremely popular DJM-700 is finally here. The new Pioneer DJM-750 brings many new upgrades to the table over the original including a few additions from mixers in the top of the Pioneer DJM range. The DJM-750 takes some of the new features found on the Pioneer DJM-850 such as the Sound Color FX and Boost Color FX at an even more affordable price. Check out my HD-Video and written review to see if the DJM-750 makes the grade.

[Video] Serato DJ 1.5 Out Now!

Serato DJ 1.5 has now been released. This means that the era of Serato Scratch Live and Itch is coming to an end. Last month Serato announced that they would combine all of their Serato based DJ software into one software to rule them all which is known as the Serato DJ 1.5 release. The new release will now work with the new Pioneer DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SP1, and the Rane Sixty-Four. Of course all of the other Serato DJ controllers are also able to work with the new Serato DJ 1.5 and there's a few bug fixes and housekeeping items addressed in this update as well.

[Video] Reloop RMX-80 DJ Mixer Unboxing & First Impressions

The Reloop RMX-80 is a 4+1 Channel DJ Mixer with a high-quality build, 13 performance effects, large LCD display, and a host of other functions that many different style DJ's can appreciate. The Reloop RMX-80 has lots of inputs and outputs including two Microphone inputs and two separate headphone outputs as well. We'll have the full HD-Video review completed within the next few weeks, but watch my unboxing and first impressions video in the meantime to see the RMX-80 fresh out the box.

[Video] Pioneer DJM-750 Mixer Unboxing & First Impressions

The new Pioneer DJM-750 Four-channel Professional DJ Mixer is finally in the DJbooth.net Lab for a full out video and written review. This new four-channel mixer has a built in 4-in/4-out USB soundcard for DVS timecode use and a host of effects options such as the brand new Boost Color FX, the Sound Color FX, and the Beat FX which can be combined to create over 100 types of effects for even more creative options than ever before. The review of the DJM-750 should be completed shortly, but check out the unboxing and first impressions video in the meantime to see what comes in the box.

[Video] DJ Premier & Biz Markie at Gibson Pro Audio Booth

Last month at the 2013 Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal we were treated to DJ royalty at the Stanton, KRK, and Cerwin Vega booth (AKA Gibson Pro Audio) with both DJ Premier and Biz Markie showing everyone some turntable and mixing skills we won't soon forget. Premier and Biz appeared at the DJ Expo on separate days, but they both performed at the Gibson Pro Audio booth and we all had a blast. Check out the video performances if you weren't able to make it out in person.

Brooklyn’s DJ Esquire wins the 2013 DMC US DJ Finals

The 2013 DMC US DJ Battle Finals took place on Saturday Aug. 3, 2013 at Stage 48 in New York City. The audience was treated to one of the best DJ battles of all time as all the contestants could easily have been in the top three. None of the judges could agree on the same top-three. The top-three contestants in the US Battle (1st DJ Esquire, 2nd DJ Sparechange, 3rd DJ Ease) will all go represent the US in the DMC World DJ Championships on October 5th in London.

[Video] Pioneer Announces the DJM-900SRT Serato Mixer

Pioneer DJ has just announced a new Serato DJ 1.5.0 version of its existing DJM-900nexus Mixer called the DJM-900SRT. The new Pioneer DJM-900SRT will still retain all of the cool features of the 900nexus but with an internal Serato DJ Soundcard that is capable of Digital Vinyl Playback of up to four CD or vinyl timecode decks within the full new Serato DJ 1.5.0 software now with DVS control

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