DMC Online DJ Championship 2014

The DMC Online DJ Championship launches on February 20th, 2014 and is open to every DJ around the world to enter! This year there is a brand new format that features 11 rounds with the first 10 rounds being decided and voted on by the public and the final round of top-10 DJ's being decided by DMC world champions. Check out the press release and links inside for sign-up and voting info.

Scratchophone New Website & NAMM 2014 [Video]

The Scratchophone is an electronic DJ device that has a turntable and a mixer wrapped into a drum-shaped enclosure that gives Turntablists a TRUE instrument to call their own. The Scratchophone is made for serious scratch professionals who need a fully portable setup with a familiar feel and layout. Nearly everything from the color to the crossfader angle position is customizable at the time of order. These custom boxes sell for over $2k here in the US, but they are very well made and unique.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 Heavy Valentine Sale

The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is currently my weapon of choice for my own DJ gigs, everyday mixing, and scratching routines. The Z2 mixer has professional build quality and comes with everything users need to get started with a full Traktor Digital Vinyl System including the timecode vinyl/CD's and the full Traktor Pro 2 software right in the box. Users only need to supply a compatible computer, CD/vinyl decks, and music files to start spinning. NI has just announced a new Z2 'Heavy Valentine' Sale which drops the price to only $599 from now until Feb 28th.

NAMM 2014: DJ Tech DIF-4S & DIF-1M Mixers

DJ Tech has announced two brand new mixers at this year's NAMM 2014 show in California. Hot off the success of their first "bare-bones" scratch mixer, the DIF-1S, DJ Tech has come up with a two new versions that sport the same rugged build quality and good pricing that they are known for. First is the DIF-4S which adds two more mixer channels and hardware Low/High Pass filter knobs for each channel. The second announcement was the DIF-1M which is essentially a DIF-1S mixer with added Midi controls and DVS mode.

NAMM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23 Mixer [Video]

Allen & Heath have been pretty quiet in the DJ-space since releasing the DB2 and DB4 mixers, but they've since announced a brand new two channel mixer for this year's 2014 NAMM show. The A&H Xone:23 Mixer is the new update to the beloved Xone:22, with a new look and style to match the DB mixers and including some updates to appease the masses. The Xone:23 comes with a new analogue Voltage Control Filter (VCF) system for Low/High-Pass filters, frequency sweep and resonance control.

[TVR] JFB & Mr. Switch Pioneer DDJ-SP1 & DJM-900SRT

The Pioneer DJM-900SRT Mixer and the DDJ-SP1 auxiliary controller make for a really strong pairing when used with the new Serato DJ 1.6 software. To prove that this the new mixer and controller combination really gives users complete control over the Serato software when used in a DVS solution, Pioneer has enlisted the assistance of UK DMC Champion JFB and 3X World DMC Champion Mr. Switch to pull off some really creative sets so the masses can see the capabilities.

[TVR] Blazing Cuts December 2013 Mixtape Freestyle Set

Earlier this week I decided to hit up the trusty Stanton ST-150 turntables and Traktor Z2 Mixer for yet another quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts December 2013. I had my camera rolling to give you all some turntable & controller style love to close out the year. Every month I'll try to complete a quick freestyle DJ session while choosing songs from my newest Monthly Mixtape series called "DJ Blaze - Blazing Cuts". Check out my quick freestyle video session and download my latest December 2013 mixtape. My Blazing Cuts mixtape series will consists of the hottest tracks that I chose for a particular month from the numerous songs on featured right here on DJbooth.net.

[Video] Eclectic Breaks Pro-X-Fade Crossfader DIY Installation

Eclectic Breaks and the Pro X Fade advanced Crossfader have been out on the market for the last seven years, and within that time frame they have been known to produce a very high quality product for DJ's who want an upgrade to the heart and soul of their DJ mixer. The Pro X Fade crossfader is a solid and customizable fader that can be purchased and installed to upgrade your current crossfader found on a DJ Mixer. The Pro X Fade can work with many different mixers made by different manufacturers and the adjustments in tension and cut-in distance allows for an added layer of customization to the feel of a standard mixer.

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