NAMM 2015: DJ Tech DIF-1W

Two years ago at the NAMM 2013 show, everyone including DJ QBert was buzzing about the simple and sturdy DJ Tech DIS-1F mixer which is a super-affordable and very capable 2-channel DJ mixer with a scratch-worthy Mini-Innofader at the crossfader position.  This year at the NAMM 2015 show, DJ Tech has brought back this little crowd favorite in an all white color scheme. The DJ Tech DIF-1W is here.

NAMM 2015: Reloop RMX-60 Mixer

In an earlier post for the NAMM 2015 show, Reloop has introduced us to its new low-cost four-channel club grade mixer called the RMX-60.  The new Reloop RMX-60 is the little brother of the Reloop RMX-80 Mixer we reviewed last year, but it still has the same overall size/footprint, lots of effects, and a plethora of input and output options all coming in at a price that everyone will love.

NAMM 2015: Serato DJ Club Kit [Video]

Today at NAMM 2015, the Serato team has announced a new Serato DJ Club Kit that will allow users of certain Pioneer and Allen & Heath four channel Club mixers to work in digital vinyl setup mode with external decks and Serato DJ software control.  Users of the Pioneer DJM-900NSX/DJM-850 or the Allen & Heath DB2/DB4 can connect to the computer via USB and have full Serato DJ timecode control using the Serato DJ Club Kit which will run $169.

NAMM 2015: Rane TTM57MKII Mixer

The Rane TTM57MKII two-channel Serato DJ Mixer has just been announced at today’s NAMM 2015 show.  The TTM57MKII is a new update to an old favorite.  When the original TTM57SL mixer was dropped from the Serato DJ support model many DJ’s were up in arms.  Now Rane has made things right by reviving the TTM57MKII complete with Serato DJ control, dual-USB ports, 8 RGB backlit pads, Low/High Pass filters, and the superb build quality that Rane is known for.

NAMM 2015: New Decksaver Covers

Decksaver Covers are our favorite way to protect DJ and Production gear here at the DJbooth.net Labs. We have Decksavers for the Stanton ST.150’s, the Traktor Z2 mixer, the NI Maschine Studio, the Vestax VCI-400, and more.  Decksaver continues to add to their lineup at this year’s NAMM 2015 show with the new covers being released for various DJ & Production gear that has been released in the last year including the S8, NV, PLX-1000, and more.

Epsilon Inno ProPak Unboxing [Video]

Epsilon is a new DJ and Lighting company and they recently release a new starter DJ package for only $799 that includes two brand new Super-OEM professional quality turntables and a two-channel DJ mixer with a built in Mini-Innofader crossfader for good cuts and smooth mixing.  The Epsilon Inno ProPak would be the perfect starting point for DJ’s who want a professional Digital/Analog vinyl control for mixing and scratching without breaking the bank.

[Review] Traktor Kontrol S8 Controller

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 is the latest and greatest DJ controller from NI that can operate as a completely Stand-Alone 4-channel mixer, has touch sensitive controls, high quality user-replaceable faders, and dual high resolution screens for all the Traktor information one could need without glancing at their laptop.  The Remix decks controls replace the jog wheels and pitch sliders for each deck, so it may not be for everyone… Check out our review video to see our thoughts.

Blazing Cuts December 2014 Mixtape Freestyle Set [Video]

Earlier Today, I hopped on the Stanton T.120c turntables and the Pioneer DJM-T1 Mixer for a quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts December 2014.  I took the camera out to give you a quick freestyle mixing session with some of my favorite tracks of this latest release.  Check out my quick freestyle video session and download/stream my latest December 2014 mixtape inside.

In The Xone with Asher Perkins [Video]

We’ve recently reviewed the new Allen & Heath Xone:23c two channel mixer and their new companion controller called the Xone:K1.  We found this new compact setup to be very well built, robust, and a great tool for all types of DJ’s.  Asher Perkins who is a cool DJ and performer from Michigan uses the Xone:23c and Xone:K2 in a unique way.  Check out his quick video review of the setup and watch him explain why he chose to use Allen & Heath gear for his performances.

Atomix Power Room Virtual DJ Episode 1 [Video]

Atomix is the company that brings us the super popular DJ software known as Virtual DJ.  Virtual DJ has been making waves among Digital Vinyl users recently when they announced that their new algorithm for their DVS engine is as good as any other software out there and they’ve been challenging DJ’s to see if they can break it.  Atomix has started a new video web series called Power Room that will feature Virtual DJ being used and abused by some of the best DJ’s around.


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