New: Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.1 & DJ Competition

Mixvibes has just released the new Cross DJ 3.1 software update that allows users to easily record their mixes and share them directly to Youtube, Soundcloud, or Mixcloud with ease. This new release also brings new video feature updates, EQ mixing updates, and new MIDI and HID support for hte new Pioneer DDJ-SB, Numark iDJ Live II, and the Pioneer CDJ-900Nexus. There's also a prized competition to commemorate the latest release.

Mixvibes Cross DVS Announced

Mixvibes has just announced a new and affordable Digital Vinyl System package that includes the powerful Mixvibes Cross 3 software (now with full video mixing capabilities) and two timecode vinyl that will allow DJ's to use almost any 4-in/4-out soundcard for Digital vinyl software control. This new Mixvibes Cross DVS package will come in at a bargain for only $149.

Mixvibes Releases Cross DJ 1.2 for Android [Video]

Mixvibes has recently released the most complete and professional DJ software for the Android platform called Cross DJ. Just last week, they have already updated the software with a new 1.2 version update that fixes some of the original shortcomings and also adds a new external Mixer Hack feature that allows users to DJ with an android device and an external mixer in a cool and easy way.

Video Mixing With Mixvibes Cross 3 [Video]

The Mixvibes team has been steadily improving its DJ software at a pretty quick pace. Mixvibes has now introduced the new Cross 3 software available in three different versions which all include video mixing capabilities. The Mixvibes Cross DJ Free comes with the basic two-deck audio/video mixing, while Cross DJ adds two more decks with MIDI control for $49, and the Cross premium package adds full Video features and complete DVS or HID control for $129.

Cross DJ for iPad MIDI Controller Support

Cross DJ for iPad 1.4 has been released and with it comes MIDI controller support! The Cross DJ software which is available for only $9.99 for the iPad will now allow DJ's to control eight different compact and very popular DJ controllers including the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, and the Hercules RMX 2 among others. All the user needs is an Apple iPad Camera Connection kit and its all completely plug and play. Check out the full press release other purchase info in the article.

[Video] Mixvibes Cross: Pioneer CDJ HID Control

The Mixvibes Cross Pro DJ Software allows for seamless HID integration with the Pioneer CDJ lineup. Now DJ's can control up to four Pioneer HID decks simultaneously within the Mixvibes software using all of the buttons and knobs found on the Pioneer CDJ range of CD decks. The latest video shows a host of features that can be controlled and manipulated through the CDJ on-board controls including hotcues, loops, file navigation, and much more.

[Video] Mixvibes Cross 2.5 Update Released

Mixvibes has just released the new Cross DJ 2.5 update for its flagship Mac/PC DJ software. The new 2.5 update features built-in key detection and control, a new full-screen collection view for browsing the library, and much more. There's also new maps and support for today's popular controllers such as the Pioneer DDJ-SX, Numark 4TRAK, and Traktor's S4.

[Video] Mixvibes Cross 2.4 Update Released

Mixvibes has just released the new Cross 2.4 update for it's popular MAC/PC DJ software which now includes four decks of control along with a new sync mode to keep all of your tracks on-beat. These four decks can be fully controlled via Pioneer CDJ's and/or MIDI controllers (mappings available) while decks C & D can be switched to work as samplers. There are also new controller mappings for the Numark MixTrack, MixTrack2, MixTrackPro2, Denon SC-2900, and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO. Check out the press release, download links, and full video after the jump.

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