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DJ Tech SL-1300MK6 DJ Turntable Unboxing Video

DJ Tech is the newest DJ company to hit the scene, but they have some really cool products that range from beginner equipment to professional rated gear and everything in between. The DJ Tech SL-1300MK6 has a beefy 3.5kg motor that is great for scratching and the extra features and cool styling to match. They come in three different colors (black, silver, and our review test unit in orange) and they are currently endorsed by the DMC-Online DJ battle championships so you know they are ready for whatever you throw at it. The HD-Video review is coming soon, but check out the unboxing video inside.

NAMM 2012 Video: DJ-Tech Dragon 2

The newest DJ Equipment company to hit the scene also showed up at the NAMM show this year bearing nice gifts for DJ's to enjoy. Introducing the new DJ Tech Dragon 2 all-in-one Digital DJ Controller. This new controller has lots of cool features at an affordable price. Check out the full rundown video by Andrew from DJ Tech straight from the NAMM show floor after the jump.

NAMM 2012: DJ Tech Dragon Two Controller (Video)

DJ Tech has been producing some pretty promising equipment lately and they now have a new teaser video of their newest all-in-one DJ controller called the Dragon Two. Judging from the teaser video, you can tell that the controller has at least two channels or decks of control, at least two outputs, at least one input, four cue points per deck, filter knobs, and a Traktor-friendly effects section. We will be in California for NAMM 2012 and we'll be giving you exclusive videos and lots more to come. Video inside.

[Review] DJ Tech Reloaded USB DJ Controller

The new DJ Company on the block, DJ Tech has given us the new Reloaded USB DJ Controller to do a FULL-HD Exclusive video review. This compact and lightweight digital DJ controller has the ability to mix with either four or six decks at a time and it also contains a timecode-capable 4-in/4-out soundcard for external deck control. There's a good number of features found in this unit and the price is about $400 at retail. Check out our full HD-Video review to see if the DJ Tech Reloaded is the choice for you.

[Review] DJ Tech X10 Mixer

We have now completed the full video review of the new DJ Tech X10 Mixer with internal 4-input/4-output USB soundcard. This mixer is capable of DVS Timecode DJ Software playback for many popular DJ software out on the market today and can be used with just about every DJ software in external mixing mode. The price of the DJ Tech X10 is about $400 at retail and the internal soundcard easily makes this an economical choice for DJ's who need DVS playback and a mixer in one compact unit. Watch the Video review after the jump!

DJ Tech X10 Mixer Unboxing First Impressions Video

Our new-found friends over at DJ Tech has now sent us a second mixer to review for the masses. The first video review of the DJM-303 proved to be a bit of a surprise as this new company showed us what they are capable of. DJ Tech is cranking out high-quality equipment with great features at excellent prices. Here to continue with the same methodology is the new DJ Tech X10 mixer with an internal soundcard that provides 4-input and 4-output software playback including Digital Vinyl System compatibility with most DJ Software. The full video review is well on the way, but check out the Unboxing and First Impressions video in the meantime to see the DJ Tech X10 mixer up close and personal.

[Review] DJ Tech DJM-303 USB Mixer

Our good friends over at DJ Tech sent us a brand new DJM-303 two-channel/two-USB DJ Mixer for a full video review. This is the first DJ Tech product that I have reviewed and I must say that I am impressed! The DJM-303 is a true professional grade mixer with professional grade components and features. There is literally something here for everyone. The DJ Tech DJM-303 mixer's are going for $500 at retail and I will be the first to tell you that they are worth every penny. See if you agree with me in my full video review inside.

DJ Tech DJM-303 Unboxing & First Impressions Video

The new DJ Tech DJM-303 Professional 2-channel USB DJ Mixer has finally made it's way to the Lab for a full video review. The DJM-303 mixer has lots of features including 9 effects, 3 crossfader effects, 2 USB computer connections (one for each line), and a silky smooth crossfader with a low cut-in travel distance. Check out our first impressions and unboxing video after the jump to see the DJ Tech DJM-303 up close. Complete review video coming soon.

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