[Review] Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M1001 DJ Headphones

Hercules, the new DJ controller company on the block, has started producing their very own DJ-grade headphones for the masses. There are a few different models out on the market right now, but we opted to take the new Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M1001 top-of-the-line professional DJ Headphones for a spin in our lab for a full stress-test. Check out our Full HD-Video review of the Hercules HDP M1001 Professional DJ Headphones to see if they suit your DJ or Production needs.

Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M1001 Headphones Unboxing Video

Hercules, the very popular DJ controller company, has recently released their new line of DJ headphones. Hercules sent me a pair of their Premium Model HDP DJ-Pro M1001 Professional DJ Headphones so that I could get them in the Lab and put them through our strenuous testing for a full HD-Video review which will be complete within the next two weeks. In the meantime, check out this quick unboxing and first impressions video so that you can get an idea of what they look and feel like straight out of the box. HD-Video inside.

NAMM 2012 Video: Hercules Air

Earlier this year we brought you a story about the newest DJ controller from Hercules called Air. Now the Hercules Air all-in-one DJ controller has finally showed it's face at the NAMM 2012 show in California. This new controller that uses thin air to create and trigger cue points and loops is definitely something different and innovative that some DJ's may have lots of fun with. Check out our NAMM 2012 Hercules Air rundown video inside.

CES 2012: Hercules Wireless Speakers

The CES is in full swing right now and lots of new and exciting technologies are being announced on many different fronts. On the DJ and audio front, Hercules is announcing its entry into the world of wireless speaker systems. These wireless speaker systems will work with computers, smartphones, DJ setups, studios, and for any application where a portable or wireless speaker system would fit the bill. They are also designed to work outdoors as well. More information to follow shortly. Check the full press release inside.

Hercules New Headphone Lineup Revealed

Hercules has been known for their affordable Digital DJ Controllers and now they have a lineup of headphones to add to their range. They have three different choices of Over-the-ear Headphones ranging in size, price, and overall usage needs. They have the professional HDP DJ-PRO M1001 ($170) headphones (pictured) with a wide audio spectrum and precision sound. The HDP- DJ-Adv G501 ($130) headphones are slightly cheaper with less features, but will still fit the bill for most users. The HDP DJ M40.1 ($40) headphones are for the budget minded DJ's who still need performance. More information inside.

Hercules DJ Control Air Announced

Hercules has done it again! They have just recently announced the newest addition to their Digital DJ Controller lineup called the Hercules DJ Control Air which allows the DJ to use their hands in "mid-air" to control different playback parameters such as effects. This very compact USB DJ controller gives DJ's Air control via a small sensor at the top center of the face of the controller and a total of eight touch-pads to trigger different cue points and loops. Check out more information on this $170 controller along with a quick demo video inside.

Hercules Announces XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor

Hercules has recently announced their introduction into the DJ monitor speaker market with their new Hercules XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor. This new active (powered) monitor speaker system includes a set of two speakers each with four-inch woofers and silk-dome tweeters to satisfy your high, mid, and low output needs. The cabinets are made of wood while the speakers have RCA and 1/4-inch inputs along with a Headphone output. The Retail price will only be $170 so check them out while you can. Details and Press Release inside.

Hercules New Speaker Collection

Hercules can do more than just make good DJ controllers...They are now offering their new Autumn/Winter Multimedia XPS Speaker Collection. They have something here for everyone including a Macbook mounted speaker bar, a 2.1 surround system, and slim system for those tight spaces and small desks. They are mainly for the computer, but there are lots computer DJ's and producers out there that could use a decent sound setup for a great price. Check inside for details and pricing.

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