AT: Get your Own Mic #2

A few weeks back, we brought you a funny (but disgustingly true) quick video by Audio Technica showing performers exactly why they should get their own microphone when performing out on stage. Don't rely on the "house" mic and you can watch video #2 to see exactly why! Audio Technica is one of the most trusted Microphone manufacturers in the business has been supplying the Grammy's Awards show with Microphones for their stage performances for the last 15 years, so they must be doing something right...Check out the video inside.

Audio Technica System 8 Wireless Mics

Audio Technica has been a market leader in Professional audio equipment for decades now. They are even the premier Microphone supply company for the Grammy Awards show for the past fifteen years strong. They have now announced their latest and greatest System 8 VHF Wireless Microphone setups that are due out this month. The System 8 VHF systems will come in many different configurations and promise to deliver crisp and accurate sound at nice affordable prices. These are good wireless microphones for DJ's and performers alike starting at only $150. Check out the press release and links inside.

Audio Technica Microphones At The Grammy’s

Little did I know... Audio Technica has been the premier microphone company for the Grammy's Award show for 15 years straight. That's definitely saying a lot when the number one Music Awards show puts all of its trust in it's world-renown live performances with the Audio Technica Microphone suite. So in short, if it's good enough for the Grammy's, it's definitely good enough for everybody else. Audio Technica supplied over 250 microphones including the ARtist Elite 5000 UHF Wireless System. Check out the details and press release inside.

Audio Technica: “Get Your Own Mic” Video

This is a straight-up hilarious video released by Audio Technica explaining to everyone exactly why they should "Get your own mic". While the video is funny, there is also a lot of truth to what you will see here. Just make sure that when you go to the club to perform or DJ, make sure you get your own mic and Audio Technica can hook you up with some great prices. Click the buy links to see some Audio Technica Microphones at great prices from American Musical. Check out the video inside.

NAMM 2012: Samson Stage 266 Dual Wireless Microphones

Samson has just released a few new products for the NAMM 2012 show, but my favorite of the bunch is the Stage 266 Dual Wireless Microphone system. This dual VHF transmitter has a volume knob for each microphone and each handheld microphone runs on a 9-Volt battery that is good for a 10-hour run time. They are advertised as having the best clarity amongst most wireless microphone systems. Perhaps we will get a set in the lab for a full video review. Check out the press release inside.

Audio Technica Wireless Microphone Rebates

Audio Technica have been providing performers with high quality microphones for quite some time and now they are giving out some nice rebates on their new popular wireless microphone systems. From now until December 31st, anyone who purchases a 2000, 3000, or 4000 series wireless Audio Technica Microphone will receive a mail-in rebate ranging between $20-$40 depending on the series of purchase. The price of the Audio Technica wireless microphones is already very competitive, so any rebate would send them over the top. Check inside for details and purchase links.

Gemini Wireless Microphone Systems

Gemini DJ Division has just introduced the new UHF-5000 series of wireless microphone systems which is their new flagship collection at very affordable prices. These microphones are available in handheld and hands-free configurations to suite all DJ and performance needs. The UHF-5000 series has high quality UHF receivers with a range of 250 feet!. They are offered in Single and Dual configurations so you have a choice of one microphone or two microphones in a closed system. With prices starting at only $250, these wireless microphones are sure to make a nice-affordable solution to all types of users. This may very well be our first Wireless Microphone review on DJbooth.net so stay tuned for more information. Check inside for the full press release, pics, and price list.

Zoom H2n Portable Recorder

I don't know exactly what it is about them, but I really like the new portable recorders that have recently hit the market. This may very well be the best one I've seen so far. Introducing the new Zoom H2n portable recorder which is the only portable recorder with a total of 5 studio-quality microphones. The unit also can record in Mid-side stereo, 2-channel surround, or in 4-channel surround. The H2n also boasts a 1.8-inch LCD display, USB 2.0 interface, and 20 hours of continuous use with only the stnadard AA alkaline batteries. Check inside for pricing and details.

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