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New Mackie SRM & Thump 1000W Speakers

There's been lots of pro-audio speakers coming out on the market as of late and longtime speaker manufacturer Mackie decided to add some new actively powered 1000W speakers to its existing SRM and Thump Series lineups. The new SRM350 and SRM450 both exhibit the same durable build quality and portability as the originals and the new Thump Series has been completely revamped to house the new 1000W class-D internal amplifier.

American Audio: Affordable Active CPX Speakers

At this year's NAMM 2014 show, American Audio announced that they would release a new active speaker lineup with good features and low costs that would appease DJ's and performers on a budget. That range is the CPX Speaker line and they are now released and ready for purchase at any local retailer. The CPX active speakers all have built-in class D amplifiers and they come in lots of different size configurations to suit the space or venue needs. There is a CPX-8A (two-way speaker with 8-inch woofer $150), CPX-10A (two-way speaker with 10-inch woofer $200), CPX-12A (two-way speaker with 12-inch woofer $250), and CPX-15A (two-way speaker with 15-inch woofer $300).

NAMM 2014: Behringer NEKKST Studio Monitors [Video]

At this year's NAMM show, Behringer expands it's Nekkst studio monitor lineup to include a few new sizes and options for DJ's and producers on a budget. The Behringer Nekkst series monitors were created by the founder of the KRK monitors, Keith R. Klawitter, so you know they are really going to pack a punch and perform up to expectations. The Behringer Nekkst series is now available in K5 (5-inch), K6 (6-inch), K8 (8-inch), and K10 (10-inch subwoofer).

[Review] Numark NS7II Digital DJ Controller

The Numark NS7II Professional Digital DJ controller is the successor to the original (and wildly popular) NS7 which was released a few years ago by Numark as the first all-in-one DJ control surface to include motorized platters with real vinyl and slip mats instead of jog wheels for track control. The new NS7II keeps the same stellar build quality, footprint size, and actively spinning platters as seen on the original, while adding two additional decks of control, touch sensitive EQ and FX controls, and 16 authentic AKAI Professional MPC pads to control features such as loops, hotcues, and slicers.

Reloop RP-8000 Professional MIDI Turntable Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The recently released Reloop RP-8000 Professional MIDI DJ turntables sport some of the familiar Super-OEM turntable DNA including the same high-torque motor and tonearm that is found on the Stanton ST-150, Reloop RP-6000, AT-LP1240, etc. The RP-8000 also has an additional digital Pitch LED display, eight rubberized MIDI pads, four MIDI layer buttons, and an over-sized encoder knob which can all be mapped to any MIDI compatible DJ software out on the market today. The main difference with these new Reloop turntables is that they have a familiar "Technics" turntable look and layout with a brushed aluminum top plate, recessed aluminum pitch sliders, and the familiar aluminum start-stop buttons found on the corners. The Pitch range of these turntables can be switched from +/- 8%, +/- 16% and +/- 50% and there are also start and stop adjustment knobs to control the speed that the platter starts and stops the track.

NAMM 2014: Audio Technica M-Series Headphones

Audio-Technica has just announced a new line of M-Series headphones that will add different price and performance tiers to their existing and widely popular ATH-M50x headphones. The ATH-M20x are the entry level headphones that have 40mm drivers and will cost $69. The ATH-M30x adds better and louder sound at $99. The ATH-M40x adds slightly better drivers, a fold-hinge construction, and a removable cable for $139. The top performing ATH-M50x adds bigger bass booming 45mm drivers for $239.

NAMM 2014: Cerwin Vega XD Desktop Speakers

At this year's NAMM show, Cerwin Vega has announced new additions to their desktop speaker lineup that would fit nicely into a compact studio or DJ setup. The Cerwin Vega XD Desktop speakers are all internally powered which are now offered in a new four-inch XD4 full-range, five-inch XD5 full range, and eight-inch XD8 powered subwoofer to add to the existing XD3 speaker offering. These speakers are nice and compact but still sport the same high-quality sound and bass characteristics that CV is known for.

NAMM 2014: Pioneer RMX-500 Announced [Video]

The Pioneer Team has just announced the new Remix Station 500, which easily allows DJ's to add a variety of effects to their performances on the fly. The Pioneer RMX-500 offers three effect sections, Rhythm FX, Scene FX and Release FX, and the new “Pressure Controller” knobs, which gives a tactile feel when altering the effects. Like it's bigger brother, the RMX-1000, the RMX-500 also works as a USB controller when paired with the bundled plug-in software.

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