Hercules DJ Control Air+ Giveaway Contest [Video]

For this week’s video, we are proud to present another FREE Youtube Giveaway of the Hercules DJ Control Air+ S-Series DJ Controller.  The Hercules DJ Control Air+ controller that we reviewed last year is essentially the same as the S-Series controller we are giving away.  In that review, we found the Hercules DJ Control Air+ to be a good entry-level DJ controller with good features and familiar layout. Check out the video review and enter the contest inside.

NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Unboxing [Video]

The new Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 Flagship DJ controller has finally arrived at my doorstep for the full out review treatment.  The Traktor Kontrol S8 can operate as a completely Stand-Alone 4-channel mixer, it has touch sensitive controls, high quality user-replaceable faders, and dual high resolution screens for all the Traktor information one could need without glancing at their laptop.  Check out the unboxing & first impressions video to see the S8 in all its glory.

Deloop Sport Headphone Bag Giveaway Contest [Video]

For this week’s video entry, we are proud to present another FREE Youtube Giveaway of the recently reviewed Orbit Concepts Deloop Sport Professional Headphone Bag.  The Deloop bags are perfect for those Performing DJ’s in the clubs that only show up with USB drives for Rekordbox control and a pair of headphones.  Conversely the Deloop bags can also be used to protect headphones from any scrapes or bumps after they are placed into an even larger DJ bag with other DJ items for those who bring more than just USB sticks for gigs. Check out the review and enter the contest inside.

Blazing Cuts November 2014 Mixtape Freestyle Set [Video]

Earlier Today, I hopped on the Stanton ST-150 turntables and the Traktor Z2 Mixer for a quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts November 2014.  I had the camera rolling to give you a quick freestyle mixing session with some of my favorite tracks of this latest release.  Every month I complete a quick freestyle DJ session while choosing songs from my newest Monthly Mixtape series called “DJ Blaze - Blazing Cuts”.  Check out my quick freestyle video session and download/stream my latest November 2014 mixtape after the jump.

Reloop NEON Giveaway Contest [Video]

For this week’s video entry, we are proud to present another FREE Youtube Giveaway of the recently reviewed Reloop NEON Serato DJ Accessory Controller.  The Reloop NEON allows users to unlock the advanced features within Serato DJ for those who are using DVS systems or DJ controllers without the infamous performance pads that can control SP-6 sampler (with playback-mode LED indicators for each slot), Pad FX, Slicer modes, hotcues, the new Flip Mode, & loops.

[Review] Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable

The new Pioneer PLX-1000 analog DJ turntables have the similar layout and basic features of the iconic Technics 1200’s that DJ’s are familiar with along with some “Super-OEM” turntable DNA and other minor adjustments to set it apart from the others on the market.  The PLX-1000 has the Pioneer CDJ looks with the beautiful brushed black finish and silver accents.  Check out our full review and comparison video to see how they stack up.

Serato DJ 1.7.2 Update Released [Video]

The new Serato DJ 1.7.2 update has been released a few hours ago and with it comes some features that lots of users have been waiting for.  The new update adds MAC OS X Yosimeti support, MIDI Output Lighting for a secondary controller, Sticker Lock for vinyl turntable users, Instant Start for motorized platter controllers and support for a new update for the new Serato Remote.  Check out the full press release and video tutorial of these new features after the jump.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ with Virtual DJ [Video]

The new Pioneer DDJ-SZ flagship DJ controller is now Virtual DJ compatible…  We recently reviewed the Pioneer DDJ-SZ using Serato DJ and had great results.  The DDJ-SZ will now ship with a full version copy of Virtual DJ and the full Serato DJ software so that DJ’s can choose exactly how they want to use the super sized device.  Virtual DJ has just released a new video performance to show what its powerful software can do with a powerful controller.

[Review] Monster NCredible NPulse DJ Headphones

Monster has just released a new Headphone line called the NPulse. These headphones come in a variety of colors that are sponsored by different artists such as the 24K Gold model which are by Rapper Meek Mill and this NCredible Black model that is sponsored by Nick Cannon.  The new Monster NCredible NPulse Over-The-Ear Headphones have large plush earcups, a removable cable, and a swivel design for those one-ear monitoring. Check out our full review video.

PopClik 2ONE Pro Headphone Giveaway Contest [Video]

For this week’s video entry, we are proud to present another FREE Youtube Giveaway of the PopClik 2ONE Pro Headphones.  PopClik is a relatively new headphone and speaker company that offers affordable products with decent features.  The 2ONE Pro headphones are the over-the-ear models that could work for light DJ or studio use, so we’ve decided to do another Worldwide giveaway to pass these on to our audience.


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