Mixvibes Cross DVS Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The brand new Mixvibes Cross DVS package that works with any DJ soundcard has now been released and can be purchased at retailers everywhere for the new low price of only $99. The new Mixvibes Cross DVS package comes with the Mixvibes timecode vinyl and the powerful Mixvibes software in order to get started. The user needs to add a mixer, a soundcard, a computer, turntables/CDJ's, and music to start spinning. We have a new Mixvibes DVS package in the Lab for the full review treatment, but we've unboxed these vinyl on camera to see what's included in the package...

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional headphones have been in used in professional setups for performers and sound engineers around the world. They are known for comfort, durability, and good overall sound quality. Audio-Technica has recently released the updated ATH-M50X headphones which don't stray far from the tried and true aesthetics and sound properties, but adds slightly better materials and three removable cables for even more versatility.

Mackie Dual-Woofer SRM750 and SRM2850 [Video]

The Mackie Brand keeps expanding their lineup of Thump Loudspeakers to offer users even more power and more versatility with every release. The new SRM750 and SRM2850 speakers both feature dual subwoofers in their enclosure for insane amounts of bass and they have a power boost with an internal amp capable of throwing out 1600 Watts of power! Watch the video, then head over to the Mackie website to see what these new world-class speakers can do.

Entry-Level Reloop RP-2000USB Turntable [Video]

As turntables and vinyl seem to be hitting a new strides with newfound success in the DJ and consumer markets; the manufacturers who create these turntables are giving users options for all budgets and performance levels. Reloop has introduced a new video to accompany their new Direct Drive Entry level turntables with USB connectivity (for transferring a vinyl music library to the computer) called the RP-2000USB. These aren't the powerhouse Super-OEM RP-6000/7000/8000, but they cost less than half of those models and they can still get the DJ-job done at a lower cost.

[TVR] Blazing Cuts May 2014 Mixtape Freestyle Set

Earlier today, I turned on the Stanton ST.150 turntables and the Traktor Z2 DJ Mixer for yet another quick freestyle session featuring songs from my newest mixtape release; Blazing Cuts May 2014. Even though we just moved to a new location, I had to get my camera rolling to give you a quick mixing session with some of my favorite tracks of this latest release. Every month I'll try to complete a quick freestyle DJ session while choosing songs from my newest Monthly Mixtape series called "DJ Blaze - Blazing Cuts". Check out my quick freestyle video session and download/stream my latest May 2014 mixtape

Kutmarks Reusable Vinyl Labels [Video]

Many DJ's and turntablists who use vinyl will be very excited about this new product... The new company called Kutmarks have come out with some reusable vinyl labels in many different styles that can be attached and reattached to vinyl over and over again. The cool new Kutmarks labels all have good markings so that scratch DJ's can remember their places while pulling off turntablist tricks and juggles.

Native Instruments Future Of DJing [Video]

Earlier today Native Instruments released a new video featuring DJ MK in Glasgow speaking about his DJ experience and where the DJ game is headed today. NI has always had its foot in the Production door with the Maschine and Komplete and they have a steady foot on the DJ side of the house with Traktor. They started to bridge that gap with the Remix decks but we're pretty sure that NI is going to mix the Production and DJ software in a revolutionary way.

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Serato DJ Compatible [Video]

Pioneer and Serato has just announced that the CDJ-900NXS multi-media player (an update to the hugely popular CDJ-900 that adds a new high-resolution color display, better looping abilities, and full Rekordbox compatibility) is now fully compatible with the Serato DJ Software in HID Mode. This means that most of the main buttons, functions, and features on the CDJ-900NXS will function flawlessly in conjunction with the Serato DJ Software.

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