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Maschine Cavern Floor Expansion

The NI Team continues releasing brand new soundpacks for users of its popular Maschine Production Stations to keep things fresh for aspiring producers when making new tracks and beats. The newest MASCHINE Expansion for some serious techno-style synths and samples is called Cavern Floor and it comes with lots of new presets within Massive & Prism to make these sounds really pop. Check out the details after the jump!

Native Instruments introduces FLESH

Native Instruments has released its’ latest collaboration with musician, producer and inventor, Tim Exile. The release is entitled “FLESH” and it allows the user to create production elements like basslines and melodies using rhythmic material. The FLESH utilizes advanced algorithms to transform the source material thru re-synthesis. Like the previous Tim Exile & NI collaborations, “The Finger” & “The Mouth”, FLESH is powered by Reaktor.

IMASCHINE2 - Make Music Anywhere [Video]

With mobile devices nowadays becoming as powerful as a desktops or laptops, Ni has come out with a new mobile app pushing the limit.  The iMASCHINE2 is all about making music anywhere. You hear sound idea that you quickly want to sketch out a quick beat or melody with? The iMASCHINE2 has your back.

Native Instruments Symphony Strings Ensemble [Video]

Native Instruments has released the newest addition to it’s Symphony Series for Kontakt 5. Symphony Series-String Ensemble features recordings of a 60-piece string orchestra which can be used in your productions. String Ensemble has separate instruments for violins, violas, cellos and basses as well as an Ensemble mode that utilizes all instruments.

Ableton Push 2 [Video]

Well, that was unexpected. What I am talking about is the great people at Ableton dropping a Push 2. The upgraded hardware is slimmer, cleaner and just looks real sexy compared to the first. Something worth noting as well is it is no longer being built by Akai but by Ableton.  Check out the details, press release, links, and videos inside.

MELODICS Pad Drumming Tutorials

For a while now, there has been a very growing interest in pad drumming rather it be for beat enthusiasts or from electronic artists looking to bring their sample based music live. Although there have been great software that aided in bring that style of music to a greater audience, there was not a way to practice and hone these skills. Well, Melodics seems to have come up with a solution.

KOMPLETE KONTROL 88-key Keyboard & Software Update [Video]

Native Instruments has announced exciting new updates to it’s KOMPLETE KONTROL line and S-Series keyboards. The German based company has added an 88 key version to the S-Series and a brand new Komplete Kontrol Version 1.5 software update that will support third party instruments and mappings.

[Review] Native Instruments REAKTOR 6

Native Instruments has released the latest version of their flagship virtual instrument, REAKTOR 6. REAKTOR is a virtual instrument that models the modular synthesis process. The key to Reaktor’s appeal is the ability to build your own instruments and effects. In version 6, REAKTOR has introduced a new way to build called Blocks.  Check out our full video review after the jump.

[Review] Akai Professional MPD232

AKAI Professional has released the latest incarnation of it’s MPD series, the MPD232. The pad controller combines 3 important functions in one device. The MPD232 combines a Pad Controller, Step Sequencer and Control Surface.  Check out our quick review video to see how the MPD232 works for our production needs.

[Review] M-AUDIO CODE Keyboard

M-Audio has just released its’ intuitive new series of keyboards called the CODE. The CODE Series is a USB Midi Controller, which is available in 25, 49 and 61 keys. What makes the product so unique is that its’ the first keyboard of its’ kind to feature a built-in X/Y pad. The X/Y pad allows user control of effects and virtual instruments through the touch pad.  Check out our full Video review to see if the CODE series keyboards are a good addition to your own studio.


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