[Production Gear] Free ATH-M50 Headphones with AT 40-Series Mic Purchase

From July 1 through December 31, 2013, anyone who purchases a qualifying Audio-Technica 40 Series high-quality studio microphone will have the chance to redeem an offer for a free pair of ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones. With this bundle, anyone will have the tools needed for a truly professional studio microphone and headphone setup.

Maschine Custom Kits Pricedrop

Native Instruments has recently a pricedrop for the new Maschine MK2 Custom Kits which allows users to change the style and look of their production hardware. The Custom Kit is a replacement metal front-plate and knobs that come in 5 different color schemes to make your Maschine stand out from the norm. The new pricing of these kits is now only $29, so be sure to customize your Maschine with this cool new deal. Check out our Custom Kit Install video and full written review of the new Maschine MK2 after the jump.

[Production Gear] PULSWERK Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments is always releasing brand new soundpacks for users of its popular Maschine Music Production Station to keep the creative juices flowing for aspiring producers when making new tracks and beats. The newest MASCHINE Expansion for House and Techno is called PULSEWERK and it comes packed with 30 drum kits and 20 unique Special Kits created exclusively with pitched sound sources. There's also a version available for the iMaschine iphone app. Check out the details in the press release from NI and the links after the jump.

[Video] Native Instruments: Hello Tokyo! Launch Party

Native Instruments has finally opened its offices in Tokyo, Japan in order to maintain an active presence in the booming music industry of the country. In celebration of the new location, Native Instruments held a Hello Tokyo! Launch Party at Womb (Tokyo's premier nightclub) right in Japan. Amongst the guests were the CEO of Native Instruments, Daniel Haver, along with top DJ's Jamie Jones, Darren Price, DJ Craze, Baku, Kaito and other leading Japanese artists. Check out the video for a behind-the-scenes look at the event after the jump.

[Video] Novation Launchpad S

The Novation Launchpad S was announced earlier this month as the successor MIDI controller to the original Novation Launchpad which allows DJ's and Performers to control Ableton Live or any other performance with great precision and ease. The new Novation Launchpad S has 64 Tri-Colored Pads, brighter LED's, and a faster refresh rate than the original and it also works nicely with the iPad. The Lauchpad S also comes bundled with a version of Ableton Live so that users can start performing and creating music right out of the box. Check out the press release & Video after the jump.

[Production Gear] NI Komplete 9 With Maschine

Native Instruments have just released the new Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate production software suites that work together in perfect harmony with the Maschine hardware for making beats. Komplete 9 comes with 33 instruments and 120GB of sounds while Komplete 9 Ultimate comes with 65 instruments and over 320GB of sounds to play with. Check out the quick how-to video showing users just how easy it is to make a beat with Maschine and Komplete 9.

[Production Gear] NI Releases Helios Ray Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments continues to provide new soundpacks to users of its popular Maschine Music Production Station to keep things fresh when making new tracks and beats. The newest MASCHINE Expansion is called HELIOS RAY and it comes packed with sounds and beats drawing from London's broken beat scene and LA's abstract beat producers. HELIOS RAY also contains three separate styles of drum kits as well as unique Melodic Kits and new MASSIVE presets. There's also a version available for the iMaschine iphone version. Check out the details after the jump.

[Production Gear] NI Announces Komplete 9 Ultimate

Native Instruments is always coming out with excellent products for DJ's and Producers to make life easier for performers and offer a wide range of possibilities when creating and manipulating music. NI has announced the newest generation of its KOMPLETE software bundles for Music Producers called the Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate bundles that will be available for all to purchase on March 27th, 2013. The Komplete 9 suite comes with 33 instruments & effects while the Komplete 9 Ultimate will include 65 instruments & effects for producers to play with. Check out the Press release, video, and other links inside.

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